10 Foods to Avoid Eating

10 Foods to Avoid Eating by Carolyn Guilford #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AvoidEating

In this twenty-first century lifestyle we’ve created, we suffer massive chronic illness and disability. Today we’re sickened more and more as we embrace habits of eating low nutrient foods on the go, little exercise, poor hydration, and the poor management of stress.

Problems arise when the body gets too much of what it doesn’t need and too little of what it does need. This creates an imbalance in the body’s growth and repair mechanisms.
Too much of what it doesn’t need creates inflammation and stress. Not enough of what it does need interrupts the healing and maintenance operations. All of which leads to deficiency, leaving openings for poor health outcomes.

So, my 10 foods to avoid eating are:
  1. Fried –

Foods fried in oil may taste good but create havoc in the body as fats and refined vegetable oils are extremely unhealthy, are often hydrogenated turning them into trans fats that lead to heart blockages and inflammation.

  1. Eggs –

Most persons in the industrialized world think they need animal based protein, and that more protein is better. However, more protein creates an increased risk of kidney disease and kidney stones, plus we know that high protein drives cancer growth. So by eliminating eggs, you decrease your intake of cholesterol, saturated fat, and animal protein. This leads to more intake of high-quality, plant-based protein, more fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. That’s the way to better health.

  1. Processed meats –

Most bacon processed meat products made with sodium nitrates like hot dogs are contaminated with various chemicals in the animals’ fat. The way animals are raised today, these products are extremely toxic to the human body and contribute to colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and many other diseases and disorders.

  1. Red Meat –

Even If you choose meats which are 100% organic, free-range, antibiotic-free, and with all traces of blood and fat removed, the protein in meat still is problematic for kidneys, brain and bone health.

  1. Dairy –

Children as young as 10 years old are now being diagnosed with heart disease and clogged arteries. Ever wonder why? Not only is cows’ milk contaminated with pus, blood and detectable levels of pesticides and other chemicals, it’s also homogenized, meaning the fats are artificially modified in a way that makes them stay in suspension, and easily find their way into the blood stream, making milk fats even more dangerous to cardiovascular health.

  1. Chicken –

If you think chicken and seafood is better than red meat, think again. All animal protein has been linked to osteoporosis, kidney disease, calcium based stones in the urinary tract, and many cancers.

  1. White Flour / White Sugar –

The Processed sugar and flour used in commercially baked goods have no real nutrients, and when vitamins or minerals are added back they are fractionated, synthetic, and may even add to the body’s’ toxic load. Nutrient deficient processed foods increase insulin resistance, high triglycerides, bad cholesterol and fat accumulation in the liver and abdomen.

  1. Commercially Sweetened Drinks –

Many drinks are sweetened with HFCS and other synthetic or processed sugars and artificial sweeteners making them hazardous to our health by introducing to the system unrecognized foreign agents that sets up stress hormones and the inflammatory response. All while adding empty calories and toxins.

  1. Isolated Soy Products –

Fragmented Soy food that mimic meat, dairy products and others, are processed, removing vital nutrients such as the natural fiber, fats, vitamins, minerals, and the hundreds of other plant chemicals – leaving only the isolated soy protein. Then, usually extracts of wheat protein, oils, sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners, and dairy or egg proteins are added. These new foods are an aberration, which in no way resembles anything that occurs in nature. And certainly, cannot not be thought of as healthy.

  1. Soda –

Drinking sodas directly promote diabetes and obesity, contains phosphoric acid, a substance which leads to loss of bone density, tooth decay, shrinking of the jaw bone, and overall skeletal weakness.
Diet sodas contain chemical sweeteners linked to neurological disorders, learning disabilities, and behavior problems.

Table salt didn’t make the top-ten list because as you cook at home more, having already switched out the old salt for good quality sea salt, and eating at upscale establishments, on the rare occasions when you do eat out, they will only offer Sea Salt. Common table salt will become less of a concern.

I encourage clients to only use sea salt because salt is meant to be used to add flavor and enjoyment to the foods we eat. But also, good Sea Salt adds additional nutrients to our food. And that’s a good thing.
Creating a new lifestyle around fresh, clean, in-season unprocessed, organic foods is the best possible way to eat for reversing illness and for maintaining long-term health.

Eating the foods that we are meant to eat, lots of fresh veggies, salads, fruit and whole grains, and allows the body to operate at peak efficiency. Utilizing the nutrients needed for a strong heart, clear thinking, hearty bones, easy breathing and an immune system ready and capable of fighting and winning against all invaders.

This eating program sets the stage for a lifestyle in which to enjoy the life of your dreams. Just step onto the path you want your life to take.


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