2018 is a Master Number 11 Year!

2018 is a Master Number 11 Year! by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MasterNumber
2018 is a Master Number 11 Year! by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MasterNumber
You may have experienced quite a number of changes and more endings in 2017, which likely started in 2016.

All the planets and energies in the sky were causing us to really look at ourselves deeply to see what we need to change in our lives, learn our lessons, recognize what we need to release, and heal from past experiences, relationships and situations. All of this work brings us more awakening, transformation, and wisdom to move us forward to receive new beginnings, relationships, opportunities, and situations. We were intended to do exactly what we needed to do to get ready for the Manifestation Master 11 Year of 2018.

Before 2018 even begins, a monumental event already took place on December 20, 2017.

Saturn moved into its home sign of Capricorn right before the Winter Solstice. Saturn moves slowly and hasn’t been here for 27 years. It will remain in Capricorn for approximately 3 years and will impact everyone in some way in the coming years.

Saturn has been known as the taskmaster, and he brings the lessons we need to learn in our lives. He asks us to work towards bettering ourselves particularly in career and our divine soul missions, as Saturn rules the 10th house. The 10th house is also about our relationship to our mothers and mother images, which could be your father, an aunt or older sibling. This transit is even more interesting, considering the energies we have now are about the Divine Feminine and balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine within ourselves and all people on Mother Earth. This Saturn transit brings us a bigger impact, lesson or blessing in the mother area of our lives. The type of energy Saturn brings will depend on whether you have been working on yourself, your relationships, career and Divine purpose. Saturn brings amazing opportunities to accomplish your personal and soul goals whatever these goals are, Saturn is here to assist.

If you have been learning your lessons, especially these past two years, healing from past trauma, making changes and awakening more of your true purpose, then Saturn is getting ready to start blessing you. Saturn also governs time, karma, cause and effect and our soul contracts. (Don’t know what your soul contracts entail? An Akashic Records reading can help.) Saturn also works to uncover truths and wisdom in all situations, therefore, ensures you are searching for truths in others and yourself to find the wisdom needed for you and your Divine mission.

Now, 2018 is a Universal Master Number 11 year. (2+0+1+8=11)

It is also a 2 year, as 1+1=2. The number 1 symbolizes new beginnings, starts, introductions, birth, dawning, and launches. It’s all about everything NEW. Double the 1, and you have 11…double the NEW! Number 1 also represents the conduit from Spirit to the Physical Plane, like an antenna, it connects us even more to our soul, delivering the information down to us from Spirit into our souls which then can be accessed by our human consciousness in many different ways. It transports the Divine Consciousness, Knowledge, and Wisdom that we need into our human awareness when we are ready for it. This is multiplied when we have the number 11. This is enormous manifestation energy for us to discover (or further discover), access, utilize, and create and live our soul life purpose.

We are experiencing Divine timing and order with Saturn AND a Universal Master Number 11 year working together in harmony for you and WITH you!

We also have the energies next year of the number 2! Number 2 is about relationships. It has energies of harmony, peace and balance; it brings togetherness; it wants unity and it radiates the Divine Feminine. WOW, these are some super potent energies we are being blessed with this year with the addition of Saturn and the Numbers 11 and 2.

More excitement awaits towards the end of the year, as we have a massive power day of 11:11:11!

The November 11, 2018, gateway is going to be a monumental day and time for the year. We will experience the power of triple 11’s!! Now, is a very important time to get ready and take action towards starting what you want to manifest, and continuing to work on it throughout the year.

We will have retrogrades this year, including Mercury, Venus, and Mars. When these planets retrograde, it is time to revisit lessons, situations, relationships and more to further deepen our lessons. They will bring up situations and experiences to help us continue to transform in profound ways. There is so much information on retrogrades, and I wrote an article for 2017 on retrogrades, however, in 2018 they will happen on different dates.

All year is the time to focus on the manifestation of career and soul missions.

It brings in relationships, and how others can help us in our lives by finding truth and wisdom. It is about unifying our soul and our physical self together. It is about continuing to do the work, and being in the flow of the abundance, opportunities, and blessings as they occur. It is truly a time of an immense push from the Universe to work in harmony with Spirit to find balance in our lives while walking our Divine Soul Path. 2018 emphasizes and creates more ways to “Become Soulfully Empowered!™” I am here and would be incredibly honored to assist you.

Please note, I’m not an astrologer. I am a knowledge seeker, energy worker, and intuitive/psychic, therefore, I have learned a lot and use the astrological energies in my life, and know it works! I have had my personal natal chart done, plus I have solar return readings done every year around my birthday, in conjunction with my own personal Divine wisdom via my Divine inner Core, my guides and guardians, and my own energy work.

To your whole wellness!


– Heather

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