3 Tips for Managing Fear through Energy

3 Tips for Managing Fear through Energy by Marilyn Eppolite #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ThroughEnergy
Fear is designed to keep us safe.

When our nervous system senses a threat to our well-being, our body responds. We are thankful when fear prevents us from a true threat. But imagined threats stop us from trying new behaviors. When fear becomes a habitual reaction to life’s challenges, it stunts our emotional growth and makes our world small.

What can you do if you want to move forward, but your fear won’t let you?

Tips to Manage your Fear and Anxiety through Energy

Everyone experiences fear. If you are on a journey on personal and spiritual growth, you need to learn how to face fear. You are on a Hero’s Journey, a call to adventure that fosters transformation. Challenges stretch our abilities and force us to evolve. Fear will be a part of this process, but it doesn’t need to impede our growth.

Here is an important fact to remember. If you experience fear, there is nothing wrong with you! Knowing fear is part of the journey of life normalizes it instead of making it symptomatic of a disorder.

Your energy field can help you manage anxiety. 

Learning to use your energy field mindfully is an effective strategy in managing anxiety. Fear rises your energy towards head and shoulders, taking energy from the lower limbs and body. Your mind races from the overwhelm, and lose all sense of being in your body. The lower body can no longer stabilize the energy because the upper body has taken over.

You are not present. You feel like a helium balloon floating at the whim of the wind. No wonder it produces such a helpless feeling! The quickest way to recover from anxiety is to ground our energy downward.  Here are a few exercises to get into the lower part of your body and feel safe again.

  1. The Half Sit

Stand in front of a chair. Begin sitting and stop about 10 inches before you reach the chair. This activates your leg muscles to maintain your balance. Breathe easily. Hold this pose until you begin to feel your leg muscles engage. Stand and half sit again for at least 10 seconds. Practice this to learn what it feels like to be grounded.

  1. The Hug

Place one hand under your opposite arm slightly below your armpit. Place the opposite hand over your arm just below the shoulder. Place arms at approximately at the nipple line in a soft hug. Breathe slowly. Notice the barrier between you and the outside world at this inner border of your energy field. Feel the comfort of being hugged and protected. Slow down your breathing and feel how you are creating a place of safety for yourself. We get anxious when our energy has “jumped” outside our body with no connection to our inner energy. It’s all out there and you can’t reach it, signifying “holes” in your field. Practicing this exercise helps connect your energy, giving you a feeling of safety and inner connection.

  1. The Neuro-Vascular Hold

The NV holding points eliminate the zone-out effect fear causes. By holding the forehead (Frontal Lobe) and the back brain (Occipital Lobe), you assist the blood in the brain to circulate. Stress draws circulation away from the frontal brain, eliminating the ability to think clearly. This technique helps to move the blood back to our frontal lobe, reactivating our ability to process information rather than just emotionally react. It shortchanges the fight or flight response to return you to calm.

Place the palm of one hand over your forehead and place the other hand on the back of your head, at the top of your neck. Hold these points for 4-5 minutes, while breathing, until you settle into your body again. Slowing down your breathing will further calm the nervous system.

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Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice these when you are calm, making them a habit. When you are experiencing panic, you’ll might not remember because your logical, thinking mind shuts down. Learn more about your personal energy patterns, the behaviors you typically do when afraid. Write them in a journal, along with the thought triggers that incited the feeling of threat. This can help you find the most effective energy interventions.

I hope these practices help and support you.

Wishing you peace and Inner Wisdom!


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