6 Natural Ways to Fight Depression Part 1

6 Natural Ways to Fight Depression Part 1 by Ariel Baradarian #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FightDepression

6 Natural Ways to Fight Depression Part 1 by Ariel Baradarian #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FightDepression

In this series, I will share six of my most favorite and natural ways to fight depression.

In Part 1, I will share about some common causes of depression, why conventional methods alone aren’t always successful, and the first 3 of my recommended natural remedies that have helped me fight depression.

Depression can have a major effect on our lives and can really bring us down on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. Those affected with depression will have no desire to accomplish anything nor will they have any motivation whatsoever to make a difference in their lives or in the lives of others.

Depression can be caused by a variety of emotional, mental, and physical factors.

More than that, depression can be very dangerous in numerous ways. Job losses, troubled marriages, and possibly suicide, Heaven forbid, are just a few of its consequences. In short, it converts what we call “life” into “lifelessness.”

At times, it’s usually the core of many of our issues, if not another major symptom of a deeper, underlying issue of our life. Regardless, it’s a major issue that has drastic effects and affects much of the world we live in today.

Which leads to why I frequently write about this topic. It’s such a widespread issue in today’s world, and many people have a tough time dealing with it.

Conventional methods such as antidepressants and therapy can be temporarily helpful, but they may not necessarily alter the major, underlying issues that are feeding one’s depression. They simply just suppress the symptoms for the time being, until inevitably, there’s another depressive episode.

At the same time, not treating depression on a more profound level can suck a person deeper and deeper into depression until he/she is stuck in a metaphysical depressive hole and cannot escape. This is much like a person trying to escape from a blizzard where there is 20 inches of snow on the ground.

So, what can you do?

In my humble opinion, there are numerous safe, natural ways to fight depression.

One should use a method that obviously suits best, but as a human being that has had many ups and MANY downs in life, I can personally attest to the fact that many of these natural ways to fight depression have helped me tremendously.

Here are six of my favorite natural ways to fight depression: 

  1. Homeopathy

Okay, I guess given the name of my website and the other content I’ve shared, you probably guessed that I would pick this as my first go-to remedy.

But seriously, besides for acupuncture, which actually works in a similar way, homeopathy can heal one’s depression by directly aiming at the core of the issues involved, by giving a boost inspire both body and mind to heal on their own on all levels.

  1. St. John’s Wort

Also known as the Hypericum perforatum flower, St. John’s Wort has been used for thousands of years in Europe to treat chronic mild to severe depression. The flower itself contains natural, herbal anti-depressants that can help combat depression.

It works by inhibiting the uptake of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that affect happiness. Several studies, including the 2008 Cochrane Review have demonstrated the effectiveness of St. John’s Wort in treating depression in humans.

Today, it’s sold in the USA and Europe in liquid or capsule form, and the flower itself may even be used in tea. However, due to potential side effects, speak with your healthcare professional before even considering the use of St. John’s Wort.

  1. Find a Purpose

Most people today don’t know why we are in this life. Furthermore, most people have the belief that the main purpose of life is the pursuit of material, temporary things (temporary as in only available for this lifetime), such as money and/or having children.

These pursuits may be fine, but they do not constitute a lifetime goal or purpose. Loads of people have money, a wife, children, etc., but they may still feel unfulfilled or have a void-like feeling in their life, which can lead to depression. If things like these were the ultimate purpose of life, then everybody would be able to attain these things and feel complete!

Don’t get me wrong, it is vital to have a solid livelihood, marriage, children, and similar necessities. The point I’m trying to make is that as an ultimate purpose of life, it’s usually NOT the case.

When someone discovers their purpose, mission, or lifetime goal, they are given a reason to live, to work, function, and to positively contribute to society as a whole. They will feel as though they are making a positive difference in the world, and will enjoy participating in this purpose and derive great pleasure from it.

It is for whatever purpose you have that you were put into this world. This is your life goal and mission and it is up to you to work on it and to achieve as much as you can while working on it, though perfection isn’t expected. Do you really think you were created here for no reason? (which scientifically is about a trillionth of a percent).

A person’s purpose can be several positive and impactful things. How to know for sure what yours is would depend on your personal interests and inclinations. Following and utilizing your interests, captivations, and inclinations towards something positive is the best way to find your purpose and pursue it. When a person has a job that they enjoy, then they will find the most success in it.

If don’t believe me, then Google some psychological studies on this. Many have shown that people who love their jobs earn more income than those that don’t.

Here are some examples of what a person’s purpose in this world could be:
  • spreading awareness of a certain disease or world issue
  • volunteering for a special cause.
  • helping others, charity
  • tapping into religion and/or spirituality
  • to be a doctor, homeopath, or another healthcare professional that helps others every day
  • developing beneficial services or technological advances

Whatever floats your boat!

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this series next week to learn the last 3 natural remedies that fight depression on my favorites list!

– Ariel

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