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The Wellness Universe Application Process to be a WUVIP: Wellness Universe Very Inspiring Person

To qualify to be a member of The Wellness Universe, be featured on our blog, be connected to a powerhouse of wellness leaders changing the face of the internet, have opportunities to be showcased on webinars, interviews, earning an promotion opportunities, educational resources, coaching and guidance, all completely free, what is required of you is that you contribute to the world being a better place through your mission, service or product. If accepted, you are welcomed into our stellar community of co-creative, heart based wellness leaders and entrepreneurs with a philosophy ‘there is enough’ and competition does not live in this space. Contribute and get involved! We welcome people in the 7 areas of wellness: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social or Spiritual.

Please familiarize yourself with what we have to offer and if you feel you are a good fit for The Wellness Universe, please fill out and submit an application. Thank you.

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“If you’re serious about causing transformation and want to surround yourself with like-minded leaders, I highly recommend checking out The Wellness Universe. The tips, tools and strategies shared daily, will powerfully grow your social media reach, as well as your business. Exquisite group.”            

~ Shawne Duperon, 6-Time EMMY winner, Project: Forgive Founder



Profile Application

  • Do you contribute to the well-being of the Earth, People or Animals through your organization, product or service?
  • Do you have a presence online via a Facebook page, Website, Blog or other (ie Books on amazon, youtube channel, etc.) ?
  • Do you have original content on your Facebook page/Website etc. helping to create awareness, to educate, to instruct, uplift and support or offer a product or service?
  • Do you believe the Universe Expands and there is plenty for everyone?
  • Do you believe to co-create or collaborate is the path to the healthy future?
  • Do you believe creators or art, photography, writers, musicians and any type of intellectual and artistic property are to be given credit for their contribution to the world and not freely downloaded for your use?

If you answered “YES!”, then we want to help you SHINE! Get listed FREE in ‘The Wellness Universe’ Best Wellness Directory & Wellness Leadership Community *

The Directory & Forum: The go-to resource where people who need your information, product or service will find you based on searching keywords or browsing categories. The Wellness Universe directory features people that convey information with a positive impact through original content, shared content and integrity. Our blog offers exclusive opportunity where members of TWU contribute content and get tons of exposure and support. Our community of Wellness Leaders who share space in our Community Forum are ready and willing to help each other out. We are a family here!

The Lounge: If you are currently doing or planning to give online classes or webinars, we have ‘The Lounge’

To join us, fill out the application and you must include at least 1 of the following:

  • Link to your Facebook Business Page (Page where you have fans ‘LIKE’ your page) NOT your profile page (where you connect with friends and family)  OR
  • Your blog OR
  • Your website which clearly represents what you do and who you are .

We will review your application, if approved, you will receive an email indicating you were approved. Allow up to 30 days for review.

To be considered,  you offer education, support, information, a service or product which fall into to 7 categories of wellness. Do you in some way shape or form want to make the world a better place?:

1. Your product, service or content is focused on anything related to wellness for mind, body, spirit or the plant; health, support, awareness, spirituality, motivation, physical health, nutrition, a cause, information, education, products (natural, biodegradable, assists the user, green, supports or ‘gives back’ etc.) service, consciousness, family, parenting, children, society, humanity, animal welfare, sustainability, eco, assistance, authors, artists, music, alternative medicine, holistic, spiritual, metaphysical, cultural, etc. Basically, if it is for the betterment of a person, place or thing, creating ‘Wellness’ in the broadest sense of the term, submit your page as we would love to see it! **Please see Keyword list below **

2. Your online presence clearly convey information that relates to your mission and purpose through the information you post.

3. Your Facebook page’s posts and updates must be created by you (or a member of your organization), not posters ‘saved’ from pinterest, the internet, other Facebook pages, etc. Information you SHARE from a source on Facebook or online, should be posted with the ‘share’ options provided by the source posting original link or copy and paste the link from the source into your status update to keep the original source content creator link back to that post/image, etc. in tact All photos you did not take with your camera in which you obtained from some place online, are to have a credit / source of photo accompanying the post. While we do our best to vet people to be in TWU, and evaluate at time of submission, we do not police your content.

4. If your Facebook Page / website / blog, etc is filled with non related information, uploaded images or works downloaded from the internet without proper credit, hate speech, offensive, explicit, political, etc. sites will not be considered.

5. Your content / site should reflect activity that is current and has a history of at least 3 months.

6. We reserve the right to reject any application for any reason.

7. If your membership is approved,  your membership is 100% free, no hidden fees. Upgrades are available for your listing in the directory and promotion opportunities. You will have access to the COMPLETE network and can engage in our forum. Getting involved and creating threads. More information on the forum conduct oncce you are approved.

8. Your profile must be filled out within 1 week of application approval or it will be deleted and you will have to reapply. Please see this page and follow the link to your application:


Thank you for creating a Better World!


Anna Pereira & Shari Alyse


Member Testimonials

Shawne Duperon “If you’re serious about causing transformation and want to surround yourself with like-minded leaders, I highly recommend checking out the Wellness Universe. The tips, tools and strategies shared daily, will powerfully grow your social media reach, as well as your business. Exquisite group.” Shawne Duperon, 6-Time EMMY winner, Project: Forgive Founder

Heather Durling The amount of support, love, friendship, and uplifting spirit that surrounds the Wellness Universe is immeasurable. Personally, I have gained so much by joining this amazing network of people, who are all working to help make this world a better place. My project, The Phoenix Gathering, has seen rapid exponential growth and exposure in a few months time. Anna and Shari have created a powerhouse team of folks, where everyone helps everyone, and knowledge is openly shared and received. The Wellness Universe is so much more than a directory, or a group of people – it’s a family where we all lift each other up every day, while encouraging and empowering. I am excited, and very thankful to watch this already fantastic network continue to grow into something even more amazing, unique, and a real beacon of change. Thank you.

Jenny Tasker This outstanding co-creating community, has transformed my entire social media journey. Not only, has my fan base doubled to over 26,000, but thanks to
The Wellness Universe, I have branched out into several other platforms, and am now reaching thousa
nds more.
Our mission, compassionately encompasses all aspects of wellness and self-enrichment, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.
These amazing people have become a part of my family, walking with like souls,
on our incredible journey of Changing the World!
Suzie Daggett The Wellness Universe makes me smile! Anna and Shari are simply incredible and over the top helpful to each member. They help us by producing the on-line directory and so much more! The video interviews, articles, words of wisdom, helpful hints give us a picture into other wellness experts work. I have never been with a harder working group who are vitally interested in helping all of us get our work out to a very large crowd. Bravo! Well done indeed! Suzie Daggett
Melissa Schwartz Aside from the tremendously supportive online community, I feel so blessed to have made “in person” friends with local WU members. The cumulative wisdom amongst the group is asoutnding! It is rare to be part of a network that is so encouraging and devoid of competition. I am overwhelmingly thankful to be a part of The Wellness Universe.
Kimberly Rogers Bayne The Wellness Universe has helped me expand in many ways, more ways than I ever thought possible.
The Love and support available is tremendous, there is not a day that goes by that someone is not supporting another in some way. The sky is the limit in
learning potential, the members that donate their time and effort (with little or no monetary gain) in creating a space where we can gather and learn is just simply amazing.
The space that has been created where we as a community can co-create and co-exist without competition and spread the Love all over the World is nothing short of brilliance. I am honored each and day to be apart of this amazing community and family of like-minded, loving and brilliant souls.
Kara Maria Ananda The Wellness Universe is a wonderful network of conscious entrepreneurs, visionaries and thought-leaders that truly embodies the new paradigm of leadership in which we discover that we can make a bigger difference by coming together than we can by working alone. I am grateful for this inspirational fellowship, our passionate leaders, and the connections, inspiration and support I have received by being a part of this thriving co-creative community.
Gerry Straatemeier At 73, my life and my work have been so enriched by The Wellness Universe, I feel like I won the lottery. I have learned so much – and feel so very supported in sharing my message. The heart-centered content that is shared here is some the best I’ve seen anywhere. I love working with a team again – especially THIS ONE. Thank you Anna and Shari and WU team from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your visionary leadership and feel very privileged to be part of your tribe.
Beth Bracaglia Thanks to the leaders and the members of The Wellness Universe, I have learned so much about all the social media sites, have been encouraged to start a new blog and was also fortunate enough to be interviewed on the radio along with other members of the group. All areas of social media platforms are growing and I truly feel that I am being seen more than ever. I feel as though I have also grown and feel more prepared then ever to shine a brighter, larger light into the Universe. As the group continues to thrive, so do I. These simply wonderful people have become a part of my tribe as we move forward with our passions and purpose while changing the world!
Heather Corinne Lang I am Ab-SOUL-utely De-LIGHT-ed to be among so many wonderfully supportive, honorable and loving members. The learning and growing opportunities are various and numerous from personal to business. Bringing together wisdom from many different areas, The Wellness Universe offers something for everyone. From new thought-provoking ideas & beliefs, to webinars and knowledge sharing, the friendships and connections I have made have enriched my life, while expanding my reach in ways I was not able to do nearly as quickly on my own. This inspiring group believes in unity, uniqueness and co-creation, as do I, allowing me to share my life mission further, better and more brilliantly than before.
Kimberley May Jones I am SO honoured to be part of The Wellness Universe and its mission to bring conscious community, cooperation and cocreation to our world. To be part of this gorgeous, generous, gifted global group of passionate and purposeful change agents is off-the-charts amazing! Changing the world together.
Catherine Roy The Wellness Universe apsolutely changed my life. I always felt that my purpose is to help people, to share love, happiness and positive energy and by becaming the member of this amazing community I am able to do what I love I am proud to be the part of wonderful WU journey. This is just a bigining. With all of us united together we will change the world. My world is already changed. I love The WU.
Sheri Eckert Being a member of The Wellness Universe has first and foremost proved that many wellness practitioners can abide in the same community, co-create and collaborate to offer a more meaningful and profound experience to the subscriber, the daily readers who are looking for help or education in a variety of areas of life. Additionally as a member of The Wellness Universe I have found support from every direction. The founders are our greatest fans and most active marketing agents. The members support one another by sharing their work and providing encouragement and praise. My personal presence in the world of social media has definitely increased since I became a member early in 2015. This has lent a lot of credibility to my practice and my message that was not there before. The Wellness Universe is without question the most comprehensive gathering of caring professionals wishing to change the world as a team. And that is a universe that I am thrilled to live in!
Cheryl O’Connor Collaboration instead of competition allows each to get wherever they are going quicker and with ease and never have I seen that occur like it has done and is doing by being involved with The Wellness Universe.
Since I became a member at the start
of the initiative, a first I believe for a facebook group, well over 4,000 people have found me and my work. The bulk of that growth has occurred due to the opportunities freely given to all members across the board of social media.
Webinars, tips, how to videos, up to date information, promotional opportunities and implementation of what is given along with the heart driven passion of the founders and many members to inspire and assist folk in the world who are doing it tough in the rough or who are wanting professional assistance, along with educational information, all contribute to each member’s growth and expansion based on honesty and integrity, way beyond what we could achieve alone.
In a world thats conditioning is firmly rooted in competition, fear, selfishness and greed, The Wellness Universe members all give of their time, energy, love, knowledge and wisdom freely – a rarity indeed but one that is much needed at this time in our evolution and it is a group I am both honoured and proud to be a part of.
Valerie Ann Pizana How do you put into words on how a couple of beautiful lady’s with bright loving souls have co-created The Wellness Universe ? They invited all of us in, each of us with our own creative differences, different businesses, but we co-exsist as one on our great journey together finding ourselves, finding eachother, making friends, helping eachother, teaching one another, and striving for the greater good as a #WUVIP family. We all have expaneded to bigger and better mentaly, physically, and spiritualy. Some of us learned that there are other platforms to share our passion’s of spreading love, kindness, forgivness… all to make the change our world needs to survive the tribulations we face. I have learned so much, I started out just selling JIC but I saw I could do so much more, and The Wellness Universe brought me to where I am today full of hope, and dreams. I am not scared any more to open my mouth to voice my opinions or to accept what the universe has in store for me. I am grabbing life by the horns and ridding this crazy bull till I reach havens gates with my hair a mess and clothes torn, and thanking God for all of it. Thank you to The Wellness Universe for giving me all the oppertunity’s and helping me find me again. I’m grabbing up oppurtunity’s I would have never accepted before, like this one for instance… I will be jumping out of a plane Augest 15th. in Alligan Mi. I am scared to death of heights, but I don’t want to miss this chance of free falling through the clouds. I’ve have learned life is too short to be scared of trying new things, we have to embrace it, live it, love it, and just be.
Estelle Bonaceto I was guided to apply to the Wellness Universe while amid a very difficult transitional time and after having prayed for trustworthy friendships. Having arrived as one of the smallest pages and with limited knowledge of social media, graphic designing or networking in general, I had a big learning curve ahead; however, I received encouragement and practical support that helped to me improve in these areas very quickly. More importantly to me personally, I was now connected to many like minded individuals from across the globe and their love and support dramatically improved my feelings of belonging and increased my belief in my vision of making a meaningful difference in the world. I have learned much from the work of other members, gained amazing resources that have helped many of my clients and become more solid in my knowing about how to pursue my own mission. I am deeply grateful to be part of this community and whole heartedly believe that the work the founders and members are doing is dramatically shifting consciousness; helping to heal individuals and the planet. Thank you