A Dance of Celebration In Stressful Moments

'A Dance of Celebration in Stressful Moments' #Blog of the day by Yatin Khulbe #WUVIP #PositiveThinking #Stress

'A Dance of Celebration in Stressful Moments' #Blog of the day by Yatin Khulbe #WUVIP #PositiveThinking #Stress

“Some of you say, ‘Joy is greater than sorrow’, and others say, ‘Nay, sorrow is the greater’. But I say unto you, they are inseparable. Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board. Remember that the other is asleep upon your bed” – Khalil Gibran

How does it feel when everything looks dark?

Are you experiencing a massive wave of negativity?

Do you find yourself weak and alone in this competitive world?

You might be wondering: why am I bothered about your negative moments?

I don’t want the answers to these questions. My intention is not to make you feel low and depressed. I just want to add colors of happiness in your life.

If you are going through some tough moments, get ready for the dance of celebration. Yes, you heard it right.  I am not kidding.

During stress, you stuff yourself with all the negative clouds. “There is no hope”, “My world seems falling apart”, and “This is the worst phase of my life”. You contaminate your mind with all these depressing thoughts.

Hold on. Before you start indulging in this painful thinking, let us look at things from a brighter perspective.

Tap the hidden positive message

You will find one common thing in all of the three statements I mentioned above which occupy your mind in times of stress: they are all thought when on the verge of a breakdown. Here comes the best part: there is nothing to lose. Nothing bad can happen now. So, why are you feeling worried? Get rid of the tension lines on your face.

Start working on your celebration dance. This dance will eliminate all fear from your life.

You have faced the toughest part, don’t worry about the results as they cannot get worse. Now, happiness is eagerly waiting for your acceptance.

Remember one thing: until you have not faced the chapters of bitterness, how can you unravel the book of sweetness?

You can’t understand the meaning of happiness without understanding the pain of sad moments. All our efforts to come out of dreadful episodes don’t go in vain.

How to perform the celebration dance

You have to do one thing: always ignite the fuel of hope within you.

Never dilute this fuel by creating a web of self-doubt. For every dark night, there is a brighter day. Don’t lose your confidence. Enjoy the meditative dance by focusing on the positive aspects only.

It is different from the typical dance. No physical effort is required. It comes from within.  No training is required. It comes out naturally.

This dance defines your stability. This dance pumps up the joyful hormones in your body. There is magic in every moment. 

Aftereffects of the celebration dance

Gloomy days are similar to extreme drought conditions, in which you form a rough crack over your hopes. In order to bring life back to the crack, you must inject bright moments to water the barren field with a joyful stream of productive thoughts.

This hopeful dance creates your sparkling aura by radiating delightful rays all around. By picking out meaningful patterns from the dull input, all negativity drifts away with a blazing speed.

This dance cancels all the external and internal noise. By clearing all the jammed signals, you connect with your happy moments in a comfortable manner. If you are able to sustain the shock, your journey rocks with all the creative possibilities.

You create a magnetic zone by your electrifying presence. Everyone is stunned by your patience in the tough times.

You discover a happy passage. This passage uncovers the hidden library where books of hope and joy lie in dismal conditions. These books are either peeping through the suffocated shelves or are stacked over each other with a coat of anxiety and stress.

By mastering this dance, each and every word of these books takes a dip in the jar of love and lends music to your ears.


You can’t separate the sad and happy content from your life as they both complement each other. The best way to eliminate sadness is to embrace it. The more you will suppress your feelings, day by day it becomes more intense. You can’t enjoy the dance without understanding the shaky beats.

So, are you ready for the celebration dance, buddies?