Being The Flow

Being The Flow by Heather Lang #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #TheWellnessUniverse

Many of us have heard we need to release into the flow of life. Yet, for many of us, this can be a scary endeavor as we feel like this causes us to lose control of our life; of what we think we need to be doing.

A new concept is “Being The Flow” But what does this mean?

Being the flow is a spiritual endeavor. Being more spiritual is recognizing you are a soul on a human journey in this lifetime. Our souls are part of the Divine Spirit or the One Source. Recognizing and accepting we are of the Divine brings us closer to understanding our unique soul missions on this earth plane as we connect with the One Source for guidance and wisdom.

Being the flow is having a deep understanding of what we do, think and say will be delivered to us, by The Law of Attraction. Therefore, it is necessary to release worry, fear and the idea of scarcity, because this is not what we truly desire, nor deserve. We must think, act & speak positively, strengthening faith and trust in ourselves, our soul and Divine Spirit. This helps deliver the right opportunities for manifesting abundance & wellness. Options can and will change your plans but trust you have attracted it to you with positive intention.  It may not be exactly what you want, but it will be something you need to consider.

Being the flow is using awareness, mindfulness and openness to the infinite possibilities and opportunities you are presented and choosing wisely ones that resonate with you.

Being the flow is balancing disruptions and fluctuations in our schedules to allow and accept Divine intervention with grace and gratitude. Then using intuitive guidance, choose the best options for us, rescheduling whatever can wait.

Being the flow includes understanding many of the disruptions are opportunities and can be a profound learning experience, bringing us exactly what we need when we allow ourselves to be redirected. Being the flow may also be described as being flexible to change and act on our inner guidance, messages, and signs.

This week my plans were set.  It appeared Divine Spirit had different ones for me.  On Monday, I had quite a few things on my schedule including a Reiki client and Tarot Card Readings. I wanted to take a walk since it was a beautiful day even though I knew I had things to do, too many things, and would likely exhaust myself again. My brain said, “Just go for a ½ hour walk around the neighborhood” leaving time to do what I thought I needed to do. I felt my soul or intuition telling me “Go to the Nature Center” and I found myself in my car driving the there. Instead of 30 minutes, it was going to be closer to 50 minutes, which I figured I could squeeze in, barely.

While walking, I went into a meditative state. At one point someone was sitting on a bench and said hello to me. I looked over, returned the greeting and continued walking. A while later, I passed by an area I was convinced I had already passed. I wondered what happened, was I on the wrong path? But I figured I was remembering it from a previous day. On my way home, it dawned on me the person on the bench took my attention away from a turn I missed to return to my car. This led me back around most of the path again, adding even more precious time to my walk. But after the missed turn, I saw a large, beautiful blue glow in the forest, one of my guides. Divine spiritual intervention had guided me to see the light and hear a message “Release worry; care for yourself more; keep following your intuition; and, know we are here protecting you while providing and working for you behind the scenes.”

Two other opportunities changed my plans this week – one I took and another took some time to consider but wasn’t right for me at this time. Some things didn’t get done, and that’s okay, as I allowed intuition guidance to lead me towards what I needed. Being the flow allowed me to release, redirect and receive what I needed … a right opportunity plus rejuvenation, regeneration and revitalization through the healing quality of nature with a message from one of my spirit guides, letting me know I’m on the right path.