Choosing Crystals: 5 Things to Know

Choosing Crystals: 5 Things to Know by Terry Segal #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ChoosingCrystals

Choosing Crystals: 5 Things to Know by Terry Segal #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ChoosingCrystals

In Part 1 of this 3-Part blog series by WU World Changer Terry Segal, she will share 5 things you need to know when on the sacred journey of choosing crystals.

Choosing Crystals is more of a sacred journey than you might think.

Whether you are looking for them or they are looking for you, you can be sure that Divine Spirit is involved. Here are five things that are important to know about the process.


You may be drawn to a particular color or type of gemstone or crystal and discover that it heals specific organs or disorders that are out of balance for you. That is often the reason you were drawn to it unconsciously.


You may be aware that you need healing in your body, mind, spirit or emotions and have researched which stone or crystal would augment your healing. Maybe you’ve had a session with a knowledgeable practitioner who has studied healing modalities using crystals and gemstones and are following up on a recommendation. All crystals and stones are not created equally so quiet yourself and be mindful of choosing the one that you are pulled to, not just one that is suggested by another person.


That your crystal or gemstone must be cleansed, physically, of the earth matter on it, such as sand, mud, or oils, while taking care not to damage it.


That your crystal or gemstone must also be cleansed energetically, of negative vibrational energies that it has gathered, BEFORE you wear it or carry it on your body. This is especially important if you are using the crystals for healing purposes.


Not all crystals and stones can be cleansed in the same way. Salt, for instance, may harm a pearl or an amethyst. When choosing a gemstone, if care instructions are not included, ask the seller for the best way to cleanse and protect the stone.

Whether you’ve received your crystal from a beloved relative, a person at a psychic fair, an antique store or from a gem dealer, be sure to cleanse it properly.

Additional posts will be devoted to cleansing, charging, setting an intention, and activating your crystal.

What’s your favorite crystal or gemstone?

– Terry

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