Cleansing Crystals: 5 Things to Know

Cleansing Crystals: 5 Things to Know by Terry Segal #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CleansingCrystals

Cleansing Crystals: 5 Things to Know by Terry Segal #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CleansingCrystals

In part 2 of this 3-part blog series by WU World Changer Terry Segal, she shares 5 things you should know before you begin cleansing crystals. 

Cleansing crystals is today’s topic, sparkling Enchanted Journeyers. It’s an important one so you don’t accidentally take negative energies into your precious body.


If your crystal has mud on it, it’s part of the mineral-dense “growth matrix” that’s from the earth in which it grows. Use a dry brush to gently remove it before trying a stiffer brush for harder crystals or a toothbrush for more fragile ones. A soak in gentle detergent and water can coax out debris. Take care not to scratch or damage the crystal. Let it dry in the rays of the sun.


Crystals are like little magnets, gathering and storing the energies of those with whom they’ve come in contact. By the time it reaches you, many energies, some not always of the highest vibration, have collected in it. You must clear the crystal before wearing it or using it for healing. Be sure, by researching or asking the person you obtained it from, that the stone won’t be impaired by immersing it in sea salt or salt water. Even though they come from the sea, pearls, for instance, may be damaged by this process.


These are great for discharging the negative energies that have accumulated. Not only do crystals get dulled, rendering them ineffective for healing purposes, but they can also transfer negative energies to your body if worn without first cleansing them. Some people submerge their crystals in a bowl of dry sea salt for a few days or weeks, for intense purification. The cleansing rituals can be very elaborate or kept simple. Do what works for you.


I carefully place my crystals, each in its own small glass bowl, in some spring water to cover, with sea salt, give them a clockwise stir and leave them to cleanse overnight in moonlight. I then rinse them after discarding the water without touching it and follow that by letting them dry in the sunlight. The crystals don’t have to be outside. Moonlight can come in through a window or skylight.


This can be used for sensitive stones, such as pearls, the beautiful purplish, blue, gray Angelite, amethyst, and various marbles. You can use a bundled sage wand or incense, such as frankincense and myrrh, to cleanse your crystals. Use a feather to waft the smoke over the crystals, away from you, to disperse the energy without calling it back into your body. You can smudge in a clockwise direction or toward each of the four directions, of North, East, South, and West. Ask for the negativity to be removed and transformed into positive energy. After completing this process, rinse your hands in fresh, salt water.

Share your crystal experience with us! We’d love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this series next week!

– Dr. Terry Segal

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