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We are thrilled to have recently announced a powerful and impactful opportunity for wellness practitioners and for women and girls in need of our compassion and support.

Diva Day

In celebration and support of Divine Inspiring Vibrant & Amazing Women Everywhere!

Diva Day, taking place November 6th, 2016, is a full day event of deserved decadence and indulgence of mind, body and spirit for our Divas. Brought to you by The Wellness Universe (TWU), in partnership with the Chester County Fund for Women & Girls (CCFWG), this event will feature feel-good services, speakers, experiences and products to rejuvenate and elevate all who participate and attend. 100% of donations generated will go to those served by CCFWG in the community. Since 1996, CCFWG has awarded more than $2 million in grants to 60 organizations addressing the critical needs of women and children. This is thrilling and expansive for all of us here at TWU, as this is a milestone … our first live event, enabling us to take our vision and mission to a captive audience, face-to-face. In keeping with our mission to practically and powerfully inspire peace and wellness in the world by creating an evolutionary community platform to bridge wellness resources with those in need on and offline, Diva Day calls us all to engage and contribute.

Who is Chester County Fund for Women and Girls?


What you will be a part of:

Diva Day Details

What: Diva Day – In celebration and support of Divine Women Everywhere! The Wellness Universe is thrilled to present, a day of relaxation, retreat and rejuvenation, featuring WUVIPs (Wellness Universe Members), local wellness professionals and businesses, speakers, services and products designed to inspire wellness.

When: November 6th 10 am to 5 pm

Where: Kimberton Fire Company, Kimberton, PA (Greater Philadelphia area)

Why: To share and expand The Wellness Universe vision and mission to practically and powerfully inspire peace and wellness in the world by creating an evolutionary community platform to bridge wellness resources with those in need on and offline. To provide a venue and opportunity for our WUVIPs and local wellness professionals to share their offerings and expand their reach and exposure. To inspire, empower and support women, the nurturers and family leaders of our communities, by partnering with the Chester County Fund for Women & Girls and offering 100% of the donations from Diva Day to support this dynamic cause.

Who: Presenters: The Wellness Universe members, local wellness professionals and businesses will be reviewed and selected to participate, present and feature their products, services and wisdom to enhance the Diva Day experience. Both women and men are welcome to apply.

Guests: Our guest attendees will be women who cherish their well-being and want to feel even better, are focused on engaging and contributing to community and supporting women and girls in need specifically. We will undoubtedly attract women who see this as a fantastic and rare opportunity to invest in their well-being, indulge for the day and expand their understanding and knowledge of wellness products and services. These women will be, generally, between the ages of 25 – 70.

Investment: Presenters: Download application for all details (Link at bottom)

Guests: For a minimum $100 donation, women who attend will be able to immerse mind, body and spirit in this full-day pampering experience, touring booths, sampling products and services, engaging in workshops and receiving information and specials to take their knowledge and experience of wellness, beyond even Diva Day.

The Icing on the Diva Day Cake: We will be inviting the media and have special surprise guests to draw in more people, not to mention over 20 WUVIPs and local businesses who will be participating and sponsoring the event. We will also have our own Social Media photographer there and Red Carpet!

Platform for Expanding Your Work

With Diva Day taking place in the Chester County / Greater Philadelphia Area, we are thrilled to have a venue for you to display, feature and engage others in your dynamic offerings, alongside our WUVIPs, all in honor of these women and girls in your community who need our compassion and financial support.

Who can participate?

Every wellness provider, thought leader, and world changer is encouraged to participate! Can you offer our guests an experience that will make them feel good?

If you are a practitioner of a pampering or wellness service in which you can offer a hands-on experience, we would love for you to apply!

Types of participants and services we’re looking for:

Practitioners of Wellness: Chiropractors, Reiki Experts, Fitness Instructors, Sound Wellness, Therapeutic Practices, Alternative Wellness, Yoga Instructors, Services in the Beauty, Health, Vitality, Wellness and Lifestyle industries, Speakers, Workshop facilitators, etc.

Some examples of services/practices: Massage, Reiki, Sound Wellness Bowls OR Creating a Sample Version of a product (you supply all essential ingredients). Do you blend tea? Have people make their own tea blend! Do you make natural cosmetics? Have people create their own eye shadow or sample body lotion! Anyone from Angel Readings to Massage and anything in between that makes a woman feel great is what we are looking for YOU to do on Diva Day.

Main stage speaking, group meditation, group workshops, live music, ‘create your own __________ (Fragrance, tea, make-up)’

Are you interested in giving a live performance? Let’s get creative! Think outside of the box. What can you offer that would bring joy, relieve stress, educate or beautify?

Why participate in Diva Day?

You will be offering your service or ‘experience’ at no charge to the women who attend. It is your opportunity to:

  • Get out and practice what you love to do with new people in an exciting WU live event
  • Connect with potential clients
  • Opportunity to introduce your products and/or services to a new, live audience
  • Retail your items or sell your service. (Up to 25% of your booth space can contain product. This event is not promoted as a ‘fair’ or ‘vending’ event however we encourage you to offer the opportunity to anyone who experiences your services and/or products the opportunity to purchase.)
  • Receive possible press, video and photo footage for participating
  • Support the CCFWG by creating a successful event
  • Empower women and raise the community vibe
  • Network with other powerful world changers who actively get involved in bettering the world

*We encourage you to bring an offering of items to sell which relate to and enhance participant’s experience. The purpose of this event is to pamper, not vend or strictly demonstrate products. For example, if you make homemade beauty products, you may want to offer hand massages and bring your homemade hand lotion to sell.

Volunteers needed!

We will need people to help out the day of the event. If you do not have a pampering or ‘experience’ to offer, but want to support this event, please let us know. We need a support staff to be at the event with us. And as you may already know, we appreciate and support fair exchange, so we will find ways to celebrate you and what you do!

So, are you ready to dive in and join us on Diva Day?

Of course you are! Download our application and return ASAP   Diva Day Application Deadline 10.17.16

If you have any other questions after you download the application, please email us at: Events@TheWellnessUniverse.com

Seeking Sponsors!

If you or someone you know would like to be a Sponsor, please request our Sponsorship presentation via email at Events@TheWellnessUniverse.com or download our Sponsorship Deck here: Diva Day 2016 Sponsorship Deck

  • Category Exclusivity
  • Social Media Support Prior, During and After Diva Day
  • Let’s Create a Package That Meets Your Goals
  • Send Your Female Team for A Wellness Retreat Day!
  • Download Our Presentation for Opportunities

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