Embracing Herkimer Diamonds

Embracing Herkimer Diamonds by Amy Cousin #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HerkimerDiamonds
Embracing Herkimer Diamonds by Amy Cousin #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HerkimerDiamonds
A friend asked me about Herkimer Diamonds: Are they really diamonds?

What are they supposed to do? Are they expensive? All good questions. Since I love to talk about gemstones and their energies, I pulled out a strand of them as we talked. Herkimer’s are not actually diamonds; they are a variety of Quartz crystals with a high level of clarity or brightness.

Commonly referred to as Herkimer Diamonds, Herkimer Quartz Diamonds, or simply Herkimer’s, but they should never be called a Diamond because they are not diamonds.

They are double terminated (pointy on both sides) Quartz crystals, which are only found in and around Herkimer County, New York. While double terminated Quartz is fairly rare, it can be found in a few other parts of the world – Arizona, Norway, Afghanistan, China, and Ukraine.

My friend asked me to design a bracelet for her using these stones. After we said our goodbyes I meditated, holding the strand and feeling its energy. I had purchased it a while ago, not because I had a specific design in mind, but because the strand had phenomenal energy that spoke to me, and I knew I might not find one like it again. As I said, Herkimer’s are considered rare, meaning they are difficult to mine and are limited in quantity, which also means their price will steadily rise.

I hadn’t used any clear Quartz in my designs in a while. Honestly, I had avoided using Quartz in my jewelry, and I’d even been known to caution my customers to limit the amount of Quartz they wear. Why?

First, let me say there is absolutely nothing wrong with Quartz. I like it a lot. It’s sparkly; it’s beautiful and style-wise, it goes with everything! The thing is, Clear Quartz is most commonly regarded as a high-energy amplifier. An Amplifier. Of any and everything. When the any or everything is another gemstone in a piece of jewelry, that’s a good thing. But too much of a good thing can also not be a good thing. Quartz does not filter what it amplifies. Again, it amplifies everything, including the wearer’s vibe as well as the energies in the environment around the wearer.

Being hyper-aware (translation: afraid) of this tendency in Quartz was the reason why I avoided creating jewelry with it; I avoided working with quartz to avoid amplifying my feelings. Instead, I chose to work with gemstones whose vibrations were high enough to not need Quartz’ extra boost. But that was about to change.

As I meditated holding the strand of Herkimer Diamonds, I started to feel energized and amplified! I dug deeper into my knowledge of gems and remembered that:
  • The double termination of these Quartz crystals allows for the flow of energy to go in through one point and out through the other. Sending and receiving. Clearing and replacing.
  • “Herkimer’s are extremely useful in a healing environment, where their clarity, brilliance and high vibration facilitate the removal of energy blocks or debris and introduce a clear, high frequency into the aura…” *
  • Water-included Herkimer’s helps the wearer face their fears while maintaining a self-loving heart space. Carbon-included Herkimer’s helps purify healing spaces and other gemstones.
  • While Quartz is an amplifier, it is also programmable. With concentration and intent, the wearer or holder of Quartz can program it to help achieve just about any goal.

I held the Herkimer again, concentrating and connecting with them. And then I had a good cry, which turned into a good laugh as I let go of the life stuff that I had let grip me with soul-crushing intensity. I tapped into the strand’s energy and let it help me in the way it does best.

Face your fears and your self-imposed blocks. See them for what they are, not what you’ve let them become. Let them go. Replace them with clear light and clear vision. Use that clarity to get back to living, to truly living. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. **

As you get to know me and my jewelry collections, you’ll hear me say that gemstones won’t do the work for you, but they most certainly will work with you, if you let them. I will show you how.

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamond and Quartz Chakra Pendants

Hand-Carved Quartz

– Amy


* Naisha Ahsian, The Book of Stones

** Amy Cousin, intuitive reading of Herkimer Diamond Quartz

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Herkimer Diamonds

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