Emotional Karate: 10 Tips from a Former Ninja

Emotional Karate: 10 Tips from a Former Ninja by Sarah Nash #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #EmotionalKarate
Emotional Karate

We’ve all had to maneuver the emotional ninjas who climb through the windows of our existence. In spite of our efforts to remain conscious and alert, these sly, highly skilled passive-aggressive assassins of happiness find ways into our lives. Managing the surprise attack can be tricky, but here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way. Look for more of this in my summer workshop program: How To Protect Yourself From the Other EMF – The Emotionally Manipulative Frequency.

10 Tips from A Former Ninja:
  1. Just like karate, you direct the energy of the blows to your benefit, even from the opponent. If you direct your actions with mindfulness it will always be to your highest good. Observe and protect yourself first.
  2. Find your fears and insecurities and then recognize when others use that knowledge against you to manipulate you for their own gain. These are toxic people. Do your best to avoid them and if you must associate with them for professional reasons; assist the others who may be harmed by these negative people.  Avoid gossip about any encounters real or perceived.
  3. Understanding someone’s insecurities or weakness offers you the ability to avoid difficult moments, thus keeping yourself on the better side of family, work, and team events. If you do your best to create peace, only a trouble maker will disrupt that flow. Avoid troublemakers, they prey on the weakness of others.
  4. Most everyone behaves badly because of their insecurities or spiteful projections. Acknowledge that and try to find the root of it and forgive it. Forgive yourself too.
  5. No one dislikes a humble person. Humility is not a dishonorable character trait. Humility is not a sign of weakness. Be humble.
  6. True friends will bring happiness to you and help you succeed on their own.  Don’t abuse friendship for personal gains.
  7. Remain as positive as you can in every situation. Never give up. See failure as an opportunity to learn more about creating a successful future.
  8. Be the person that people want to be around for genuine reasons. You can accomplish this easily by being compassionate and agreeable. Most people do not want confrontations or arguments.
  9. Be grateful for all the moments of your life. Remember that regardless of what you do or say, there will continue to be the flow in life that will create a space for sadness and even defeat. Give grace to those moments as you give thanks for the happy ones; how else would you know the difference?
  10. Be in a continuous space of gratitude; every movement you make is a miracle and affects the breath of every living thing in the Universe.


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