Find and Own the Wisdom Within

Find and Own the Wisdom Within by Sue Bryan #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WisdomWithin
One of the biggest challenges of life is to find and own the wisdom within.

Every one of us has a deep and abiding wisdom lying within our hearts. The answers to humanity’s most enduring questions lie there: Who am I? Why am I here? Why is there suffering in the world? What can I do to help others? Why do I sometimes act or think in ways that are so unloving, even when I know that love is the force that can overcome anything?

For most people alive today, the inner font of wisdom is overlaid with layers of conditioning, fear, and/or resistance. These energetic layers obscure our access to the answers we seek. They also obscure our ability to find inner peace, enduring happiness or sustained fulfillment. People have lived with these obscuring energies for as long as recorded history – if not longer, but now, we are on the cusp of a great change; there is a profound shift in consciousness occurring in our lifetime.

Many of us feel this shift and feel that we have a part to play in midwifing humanity into the new paradigm. This can feel overwhelming; the job is so gigantic. And we can feel so tiny and alone. Doubts creep in, loneliness pulls at our hearts. A new set of questions arises. How can I share what I know with so many who seem to still be sleeping? How can I sustain my life – make a living – while following my sense of purpose and passion? How can I keep my heart open, when the world seems to be going in some crazy other direction?

The answers to these questions lie within as well; in that quiet space inside, where our psyches meet our spirits.

The guidance tells us to be still, be present, and do what is in front of us. Keep checking in and keep loving. Most of us are guided by this quiet voice to continue clearing old conditioning, to continue healing ourselves, to love ourselves even more deeply. Though it sometimes feels inadequate, by following this inner wisdom, we are creating a new kind of community, one founded in open hearts and freedom from physical restraints.

Because of the originating point of LOVE, this community is working, shaping, creating, in unseen realms. We may or may not live in our bodies long enough to see the blossoming of the world this community is forging, but we can remind ourselves, and each other, that it is happening now. We were born at this time to facilitate the process of birthing. As we follow our guidance, our inner wisdom, we are led to seek more stillness, to connect more authentically, to appreciate more, to learn more about ourselves as energetic beings, and to honor each other more.

We are all midwives, trained by the wisdom within for the sacred work of assisting in the evolution of humankind.

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