Graduation: Layer Sensory Experiences

Graduation: Layer Sensory Experiences by Terry Segal #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Graduation

Graduation: Layer Sensory Experiences by Terry Segal #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Graduation

Graduation: Layer Sensory Experiences on to Your Learning


What a wonderful time of year to stop and acknowledge the milestones achieved through learning! Our youngest of three just graduated from an out-of-state University with the Highest Academic Honors from the School of Education. We are so proud of her and her accomplishments! What an exercise in Sensory Experiences it was. Memories made and stored.


All of us have the potential to be graduates, though it starts with becoming students. I’ve been a student of NO this past year. It has been more difficult, in many ways, than achieving my Ph.D. Not my forte, I’ve been practicing saying, “No” to people and things that take me off my game and jobs I don’t want to do, even if it involves disappointing someone else. I’m nowhere near graduation, which would mean the behavior was consistent and performed with a degree of unwavering confidence. But I have been showing up!


The way I arrived at the need for this schooling is that the pain or discomfort of not saying, “no,” and disappointing myself repeatedly had become greater than the pain and discomfort of disappointing others. So, I had to consciously plant seeds of intention, and then take a step away from them.


Just as when you’re planting a garden of any kind, you can’t keep digging up the seeds every two days to see if they’re growing. Deepak Chopra says to plant the seeds and then practice detachment. For me, a million new things to say, “No” to have cropped up! Just like in an actual garden, there are always surprises. Birds carry seeds; so does the wind. Something beautiful may show up in your garden that you didn’t plant, as a by-product of your curious mind. Embrace them all. I’m trying to, myself.


What seeds of intention would you like to plant? Maybe you’ll finally learn to play that instrument you’ve desired to learn for a long time? Perhaps you’ll study conversational Italian before you book that bucket-list trip to Venice. Maybe you’ll buy a recipe book and learn to cook three nights a week. We’re continually co-creating with the Universe.


Take a deep breath and consider what you’ve learned to the point of mastery this past year. Whatever your new desired classroom is, enroll. Enroll now. Next year at this time you’ll have achieved something of which to be proud.

Happy Graduation! And here’s to what’s unfolding next…


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