Here’s to Your Best Health

Here's to Your Best Health by John Baumann #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BestHealth
Here's to Your Best Health by John Baumann #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BestHealth
Fitness and Nutrition: Putting Them in the Right Order

Why is it more natural to hear fitness listed first? In fact, nutrition should be listed first for several reasons. Nutrition, specifically healthy food, is the fuel that you need to become fit. You will have the energy to perform whatever exercise you choose. In fact, you will have the stamina to go beyond your comfort zone when working out. Conversely, if you put unhealthy items into your body, your ability to exercise will be compromised. This is not cutting edge information. It is common knowledge, but is it common practice? Just look around at any supermarket or other public place crowded with people. You will likely be able to guess who “eats right” and who exercises.

So, is there a simplified formula for following a healthy diet without having to know what carbs, protein, gluten, etc. mean.

Here are my food guidelines that anyone can understand and do:
  • NO diet or regular soft drinks

This includes sports drinks, AND drink WATER instead.

  • NO fast food, period

Have something healthy available to munch on if you get hungry.

  • NO fried food

Baked or broiled only.

  • No Dairy

No ICE CREAM (this is where I usually lose people), but there are coconut based ice creams that you can have.

  • Cut out Cow’s Milk

Substitute with almond or cashew milk instead.

One last thing… cut back on the sugar and salt. Beware, if you look closely, you will find that they are both hidden in most foods on your grocer’s shelves.

What, should I eat, you ask?
  • Different fresh (never been frozen) veggies with every meal, raw if possible. Otherwise, cooked lightly in olive oil just as much as you can stand. Organic if you don’t have to peel it to eat it. Green is good.
  • A different natural unsweetened fruit once a day. Again, organic if you don’t have to peel it.
  • Turkey, wild caught Fish, free range chicken (no steroids), beef (no steroids) with the fat cut off or removed while cooking.

That is it. A great start. Simple.

You can get as complicated as you want after you get these simple principles down. Do this and you will have the fuel necessary to exercise.

And if you do all this, feel free to indulge in a couple squares of dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao) and a 6-ounce, rather, make it a 9-ounce glass of red wine.



John M. Baumann

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