How to Heal Your Broken Heart Part 5

How to Heal Your Broken Heart Part 5 by Bonnie Sheldon #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BrokenHeartPart5

How to Heal Your Broken Heart Part 5 by Bonnie Sheldon #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BrokenHeartPart5

In the conclusion of this series, How to Heal Your Broken Heart Part 5 by WU World Changer Bonnie Sheldon, she shares how to create your fabulous future through a technique called “future imprinting.” Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 4!

In parts 1-4 of this series, we did all the hard, heavy lifting, emotionally, that is important to Heal Your Heart. NOW, Let’s Create Your Future! It CAN be ALL you imagine! To do this, we are going to use a technique called “Future Imprinting.”

First, For your information:

We’ve all heard, “practice makes perfect.” Did you know that repetition is the primary cleansing principle of your brain? Our brains have “Glial cells,” acting to speed up signals between certain neurons. Other glial cells are the gardeners, the debris removers, killing pests, removing dead leaves. When we use some brain cells more often, the glial cells leave them alone. When cells remain unused, they are removed.

What does this mean? It’s the truth that “we live what we think!” If our brains practice a ‘Heartbroken Mindset’ in the way we feel, think and live, our lives WILL turn out that way—filled with heartbreak and sadness, and nothing will change. It’s also a principle of Quantum Physics, known popularly as ‘The Law of Attraction.’ The law works like this: our bodies are such amazing machines that not only does our brain clean our thoughts, our hearts and heart chakras then send those thoughts and desires out to the Universe. There they exist as ‘thought forms’ in ‘the Matrix,’ interacting with all that occurs here on the material plane of life, attracting what we ask for.

The heart sends signals that can be measured electromagnetically, presently, at a minimum of 10 feet. Think how far it can power a thought on an Energy Level – into the Universe! We are inextricably linked internally and externally to the Divine Order, or whatever you choose to name it.

In essence, we’re calling, and we then receive that for which we’ve asked, even unconsciously. [It’s always nice to KNOW what you’re asking for! It’s the reason ‘the unhappy’ get ‘unhappier.’]


Take some real quality time for yourself and sit for a meditation. Close your eyes, and let your mind drift. Ask yourself, “What would I most like to see myself doing, in 10 years’ time?” Include your relationship status, your employment status, your physical condition, and your lifestyle.

  • Now, take ONE SCENE from that future image – perhaps at work, perhaps in a new relationship. PICTURE THAT SCENE IN YOUR MIND.
  • Color it, give it a landscape or indoor setting, populate it with the kind of people you want to be with, see yourself in the body you will have created with good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and self-care. Put yourself in the clothes you would most ideally be wearing; perhaps your work or an evening ‘out on the town’ outfit.

Run the scene several times, and see yourself at your happiest moment. Freeze that moment.

  • Put your hand on your heart chakra (just under your sternum or breast bone), and send that image Down through the top of your head, letting it sit in your mind, rearranging your neuro pathways.
  • Next, drop it down into your heart chakra. Let it grow bigger. Send it to every part of your body.
  • Return to your heart chakra, and now, send that image straight out 360 degrees, to the Whole Universe. Send it until you feel the channel is set and put it on a ‘continuous send’ command.
  • Let your mind return to this image and scene often, regularly throughout your day and then days. Enjoy it, revel in it. Let it wash all over you.

Repeat this exercise often, sometimes locating it in one situation, sometimes another, or repeating a particularly strong favorite. The More often you do it, the larger the ‘morphic thought field’ will become, having a proportionally stronger effect in your life.

Eventually, you will find yourself in the very world you first only imagined in your mind. Believe it, and it will be true for you.

When you follow the 5 steps to Heal Your Broken Heart, have cleared or are working to clear the negative emotions and beliefs attached to that heartbreak, evaluated your life at the present time, then you’re ready to create the life and the future you most deserve and desire; a future filled with joy. You really can change your world just by changing your thoughts about who and what you are!

Loving wishes for wholeness and healing in your new life!


 (If you’re ready to work on healing your own broken heart, I’d be honored to help you with my program, Heartbreak Rescue, which has helped hundreds of women and men reclaim their lives.)

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