Inspiring Quote for January 4th by Heather Durling

Inspiring Quote for January 4th by Heather Durling #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Quote

Overcome self-sabotage by learning the facts with the featured Inspiring Quote for January 4th by Heather Durling via The Wellness Universe.

Every week, I co-facilitate a support group for Adult Survivors of child abuse. During my last group meeting, we worked on identifying all of the ways we are self-sabotaging ourselves. We have a 3 stage / 21 step program that we move through, and each week focuses on one step. We read through the step, do some journal work on it, and then we have the option to open share with the group. This week’s step was a difficult one for all of us. It is tough to see the almost invisible stop signs we’ve been creating.

I was initially very excited to move to this stage in the program, which covers issues that we are now dealing with in our adult life. The first stage deals with coming to terms with our abuse, and how it affected us as a child. I’ve done a lot of healing in regards to that, so I tend to share what I’ve done, and where I’ve been with everyone. My hope is that they can see they aren’t alone in what they are experiencing.

The second stage feels like the meat and potatoes of the healing work to me. This relates to the here and now, and I always seem to jive with that place the best. We did the reading, we covered some identifying questions to ask ourselves, and then it was time to start writing…

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