Opening My Life to Angelic Help Part 3

Opening My Life to Angelic Help Part 3 by Joy Gabriella #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AngelicHelp
Opening My Life to Angelic Help Part 3: How to create a relationship with the Angelic Realm.

When you think about the Angels, do you feel called?  Would you like to have a relationship with the Angelic Realm? It’s Easy!  The Angels are Everywhere, for Everyone. It only takes the request – the yearning and the asking, both preceded and followed by gratitude.

So many people come to me and feel they can’t possibly connect with Angels, it’s so esoteric. Yet, they do want that connection. I am happy to find the deeper answers to their questions in Readings for clients, but it’s possible for everyone of you to have the love and comfort of the Angels in your life, and in many cases, like anything else, the more time you put into the relationship, the more fruitful it will become.

Each of you is beautiful and divinely blessed, able to communicate on blissful levels with the Angels. You may never ‘hear’ actual words of guidance, but love, direction, and comfort in some form will be possible for you. Part of the lesson is to learn to recognize it.

To feel safe in this process, call on Archangel Michael to protect you, so you know that whatever you receive will actually be from Divine Source and not a harmful or negative energy/entity, both of which do exist. Once protection is invoked, it becomes active instantly. There are no time lags when we are working with Spirit.

Because Gratitude is the energy messenger that connects us to Spirit, Source and the Angels, starting each morning and closing before sleep, thank the Angels for their presence, their help, and any help to come, even before you’ve felt contact, is one of the best ways to begin to call them to you, recommended by most Angel experts.

There are many ways when we know Angels are with us, with formal names for this knowledge. Articulated recently in WU World Changer Carolyn McGee’s Blog Series on how we the experience the Divine, the five ways we have the knowing we are in communication are:

  • Clairvoyance

Seeing messages

  • Clairaudience

Listening to direction

  • Clairsentience

Feeling energy

  • Claircognizance

Knowingness, in our being

  • Clairbeing

The integration of all our intuitive senses.

(Note: No one person is alike, some areas may be stronger than others for you.)

We don’t pray to the Angels, as they are God’s messengers, carrying our prayers and Divine guidance back and forth.  We beseech them, knowing we will have a response.

How to approach your Angels?


Find a quiet spot, and clearly set the Intention to encounter one of your Angels, in some form.  Breathe deeply for some minutes, and then light a candle.  This is a sign for the Angels that you are calling them.  You can also ring a bell, have a feather with you, use incense, play soft music – all elements that render you more receptive and clearly send your signal to the Angels.

In your mind, see yourself in the woods, where you reach a clearing. There is a large tree in the distance, with a door in it.  Slowly walk to the tree, open the door and enter.

Once inside, look around and see if there is a light, illuminating another door.

Exit this second door and consider where you find yourself. Is it a landscape, a cloud? A new place, or the beach? Wherever you find yourself, consider it perfect.

Now look at the door you’ve exited, and invite an Angel to choose to come through that door, or to approach you in the landscape you’ve discovered. It could be your Guardian Angel who comes, your Birth Angel, a special Angel for you, or perhaps an Archangel.

Picture the door opening. Feel welcoming, and invite whoever comes to be with you. If there is no one there, ask if they can make themselves known through a particular scent, through a clear thought in your mind, or perhaps a physical sensation of presence. Even if you don’t feel an Angel there, accept that a Being is present, there to love and help you.

Ask that whatever is going to be revealed be revealed at this time.  Relax and observe.  You may see an image, you may feel a new calmness or serenity, a soft whispering, a touch or chills, just a contact to know that there has been one. You might either have a sense of them being with you or not feel anything at this early a point. Notice how you’re receiving communication, and offer deep gratitude. Your mind should remain open, as each encounter is individual and different.

Ask all the questions you want. The Angel’s name, what does he or she look like, is there a message, or ask some burning questions of your own.  It’s important to trust your senses and knowing.  If you don’t feel anything, ask for a sign, and if you receive no sign, know that this will all develop with time.

Let the scene continue until you both feel it is complete.  Feel that you now have at least one special friend, and more Angels than one may come to you, even on this first venture.

Although you BEGIN in your mind, the Angels take over and what will have unfolded for you will be beyond your start, your imagination, and you will have moved through the veil that loosely divides our worlds

When things are complete, thank your Angel again, and watch them leave if that is possible, knowing that they and others can and will return to you.  They are in fact always with you, but not usually in this communicative manner early in your work together.

Write down what happened after a period of quiet, as you’ve absorbed the experience.  Often people feel very exhilarated, joyful, and at peace.

Let this practice be the beginning for you.  It can feel overwhelming, it can bring on doubts, but try to move away from the negativity and treasure the blessing you’ve received.  Your Angels can eventually be part of your daily life, every day, helping, staying with you so you never feel alone, bringing you the Light of the Divine.

The wonderful Doreen Virtue puts it well: “You don’t need to have special training, be saint-like, or engage in religious work to commune with the angels. They help everyone who calls upon them, no matter what. The angels’ assistance is free of charge, always available, filled with love.”

I invite you to connect with me if you’re interested in a reading to hear what your Angels have to say to you or to get you started with the Angels.

Much love,


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