Raising the Vibes in Our Environment with Art

Raising the Vibes in Our Environment with Art by Marie Aldrich #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #Art #Environment

Why not have something beautiful in your environment that makes you feel good, while being functional, and raising the energy at the same time?!

Humanity as a collective is far more health conscious than ever before. We exercise, eat well, advocate for our planet and are mindful what we put in and on our bodies. Everything is energy, so what do we do to maintain good mojo in our environment? Color and crystals contain certain frequencies. You can elevate the vibe in your home or office by using items with these higher vibrations contained within them.

I am an artist and light worker who uses customized crystals and colors in my acrylic paintings. I can ask a person what energy they would like to enhance in a particular room and then customize a painting for them with individual colors and crystals tailored to their needs.

Colors have an effect on us because of wavelengths they carry provoking emotions and emitting vibrations.

Yellow captures the joy of the feel of the sun on our face and stimulates happiness. It helps to reduce depression giving us a sense of renewal. It is optimal for the human body to get at least 10 minutes of sunlight per day. Orange is an energetic and enthusiastic color. Red is an active color and helps to aid the metabolism. Green is a calm and soothing color. Blue is a mentally relaxing color, think water and the ocean. Combining colors and crystals in a custom energy painting can provide some added energy support to your home or office.

To activate more prosperity in your life it is good to place an energy art painting with citrine in your home office or wealth area. A parent who is struggling with a baby or child who can’t sleep at night can use an energy painting containing charoite which aids with insomnia and difficulty settling into sleep. To promote togetherness in the family room I would do a painting with amethyst and rose quartz.

Most of us have heard keeping clutter at bay and surrounding yourself with things you love helps to affect your mood. This is so true because when we see objects in our environment, subconsciously we have emotions attached to them. Photos of fun times with family and friends invoke happiness while an item from a previous relationship may cause sadness.

I interview the client and ask a series of questions regarding colors they like and dislike and what “feel” they want to experience in their space. Next, I put together a sample board of colors and crystals and a sketch of the art for approval and then the painting begins.

I have always been inspired by nature, interior design, and energy work. I began utilizing these themes as the common denominator in my art. It dawned on me that all these areas of interest nicely meld together perfectly to form energy artwork. Why not have something beautiful in your environment that makes you feel good while being functional and raising the energy at the same time?!

– Marie Aldrich

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