Random Acts of Kindness: A Story of Ripples

Random Acts of Kindness A Story of Ripples by Estelle Bonaceto #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #RandomActs #Kindness

Being the recipient of a random act of kindness can change the whole course of someone’s day. No kindness is too small. Act Today!

The following is a fictional account of events based on actual events of random acts of kindness which did not actually occur in this sequence.

A nurse leaves her apartment that morning she is feeling tired and rushed. She collects the mail before leaving the driveway and finds a card from a local farm where she’ll occasionally pick up farm fresh eggs and cheese. Inside the envelope is a $25 gift card signed, from a “friend”. The timing couldn’t have been any better as finances were tight and it would be a few days before she’d get paid again. On her way to work, she approaches an intersection where hurried commuters are battling to merge from the off ramp into the fast moving bumper to bumper traffic.

Despite her lateness, she stops to allow several cars to merge easily into her lane. The driver of the second car waves back; displaying an almost overzealous outpouring of gratitude. It was a morning when an extra minute or two really counted. This small gesture of kindness made it possible for him to catch his train and be on time for an important presentation instead of missing it and arriving embarrassingly late. He boards the train and snags the last available seat while taking in a few breaths of relief for having caught it on time. Just then he notices an older woman holding onto the subway poles with visible difficulty staying balanced. He quickly jumps to offer her his seat. As they switch positions, she’s visibly relieved and extends a sincere smile in gratitude.

The train finally comes to a halt and upon exiting, the older woman is met by her granddaughter. The two enjoy a lengthy lunch during which, she shares her story of how she was offered a seat by a gentleman on the train. When they leave the restaurant, they see a homeless man and his dog sitting on the sidewalk. Without hesitation, they offer their leftovers from lunch to the man and he is so thankful he blesses them both profusely. This hearty meal was more than he’d eaten in several days and his canine companion was as equally elated. Feeling free of the sensations of hunger for the first time in a long time, he looks up to see that the parking meter in front of him has expired. The meter maid is walking her beat and will soon approach this meter. He has only a few coins in his pocket, but adds a couple to the meter; extending the time by another 15 minutes.

A single mother of two frantically races to her car knowing that her appointment ran long, she is fearful that she’ll return to her car and discover a hefty parking ticket. Upon arrival at her car, she discovers that she has 3 minutes remaining on the meter and surmises that a gift of kindness had been extended to her. The homeless man sits back and smiles to himself. Later that day, after dropping her kids off at childcare, she is working the register at a small local market when a young teenage girl attempts to pay for her lunch and discovers she’s about eighty cents short. She tells the girl with a wink and a smile, “it’s okay, I’ve got you covered.”

It’s the end of the day and a mother drops by a local farm with a gift certificate that will pay for dinner and a couple of extra homemade items. When she arrives home her teenage daughter has brought up the trash and recycling barrels without being asked. After thanking her daughter for the sweet gesture, she sits back, smiles and in her mind offers herself some loving kindness. I raised a pretty great kid.

True Story.

For over a year now, I have received texts and messages from a man I’ve never met. You see, we have the same phone number with the exception of one digit. He has been so kind to pass along several messages. The other morning, I received a text from him telling me that my daughter’s doctor appointment was canceled. In that moment, I felt so much gratitude and a sense of the inherent good within all people.

Your small random acts kindness makes a difference, every day.

Original Source to Article, With many thanks to Estelle Bonaceto