September: The Month to Release

September The Month to Release by Heather Corinne Lang #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #September #BlogOfTheDay
Astrologically, energetically and numerology wise, this September is THE month for releasing the old resentments, anger, hurts, pains, jealousies and more.

Next year, we move into a One year, and the number one is all about beginnings. However, without releasing the old and healing ourselves from it, we will remain in the old.

This month, we have eclipses which are meant for review and release. We have Mercury Retrograde, also intended for reviewing, reflecting and releasing. September is a 9 month, and 9 means endings in numerology. 2016 is a 9 year and we have several quadruple 9 days in September! I’m neither an astrologist nor a numerologist, but I pay close attention to them because energetically, the Universe or the Divine bring us these types of messages for our highest good.

The 9 card of the Tarot is the Hermit. The Hermit is about connecting or re-connecting with your internal Divinity to be able to more fully follow your soul messages. Virgo rules this month, and this sign is about discernment. Discernment allows us to determine what choices are best for us and what is best to release.

Now is one of the best time in the last quarter of this 9 year in the 9th month to take advantage of working with the energetic flow to release that which is holding you back, creating blockages or is causing you pain mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Many of the days hold a special message, and you may wish to search for them for you. Many astrologists and numerologists have posted it in further detail. However, with all this energy, the main thing to do is focus on your emotional reactions as soon after you have them to understand why you are having these feelings, and then to release whatever is causing it. It is a time to go within to understand the spiritual messages for you and determine what you need to release. When we go through the releasing process, it is truly about healing from our past, whether past situations in this life or past lives. If you need help in this endeavor, either this month or any other time, as situations will come up at other times, both Reiki sessions and Akashic Record readings can help. For more information, please see the links in my bio

I know working with the energies help, because I have deeply experienced them, and especially the impact of this 9 year. In January, a very important relationship in my life ended. I find it curious that in the first month (remember, one is about beginnings) this relationship ended to begin a year of intense releasing and healing for myself in many areas to end what has been holding me back from true love and many other experiences. The ending of this relationship catapulted me into healing which I needed. My soul had been waiting for me to do the work and when I wasn’t taking the initiative otherwise, I was given an incredibly life-changing situation and was literally thrown into the energies.

I have always been one of service. I will choose to help whomever in any way I can. I offer knowledge and wisdom freely. However, the message in this ending was “It is time to help yourself.” Healing and releasing is helping ourselves. It opens us up to a new awareness of who we truly are and what we truly want in life. It brings fresh people and experiences for new opportunities. It helps us heal ourselves. And, that is precisely what I enjoy doing most… helping others heal themselves, which is why I became a yoga instructor, a Reiki Master, an Akashic Record Reader, an Ordained Minister, Tarot reader and an Intuitive Life Coach. I have used my services on myself to help me heal this year. I’ve also used other healers and methods.

As long as we are breathing as a human, part of our life purpose is to heal ourselves. It is to help others heal. And, all of this leads to new beginnings, which in numerology, astrology, and energetic terms is only a few shorts months away in January 2017. Therefore, if you truly want to have fresh, new experiences, opportunities, relationships and more in the new year, now is the time to make the space and allow that abundance and prosperity to flow.


– Heather Corinne