Soulful Color Blue: Strength and Stability

Soulful Color Blue: Strength and Stability by Stephanie Ignazio #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SoulfulColorBlue

What COLOR is your SOUL? Soulful color BLUE: Strength and Stability

There are times in our lives when we might find ourselves staring up at the big, blue sky or out at the vast ocean. As children, we were taught to seek out a police officer when lost or when needing help. From the blue of the sky to the dark blue of a uniform, strength, stability, and safety are persistent when we think of the color blue.

In the world, little in nature is blue.

Blue fruit? no.

Blue flowers? A rare few.

Honestly, is the sky even blue? Or is that the color our eyes perceive it?

When you look into the sky how do you feel?

Calm? Connected? Free? Relaxed?

That is all the due to the super powers of BLUE.

Blue, was and still is a color that is incredibly difficult to create from natural materials. it all began when the Ancient Egyptians discovered and valued a special little stone called Lapis Lazuli.

In my studio, I have no shortage of blue art supplies. I do admit, certain shades of blue are my favorite, teal, and turquoise especially. But royal blue also makes the list!

Working with blue was an interesting process and creating the handmade papers was fun; with so many options, light, dark, bright, and deep.
So many tones and shades to play with!

But, when it came time to begin my larger piece after having just left the natural, lush world of green, blue felt strong, committed and serious.

My process is all about layering and creating a pattern. I begin. I add paint. I continue. Since this an intuitive process, there is no set idea as to where any of my art will end. Turning and flipping the canvas, adding layers, stenciling, and texturing, but this time, something felt different.

I was serious about it all.

I was getting in my own way.

I was impeding my own process.

My playful, carefree attitude, where was it?

Many times, I walked away from my canvas and played in my art journal, trying to “make it fun again.” I was actually “feeling blue!” I was sad. I felt kind of defeated and even a little unsettled.

After taking a few days off from my canvas, doing more research, and realizing that the characteristics of the color blue were actually affecting my process, I found myself adding more and more white, lightening up the heaviness of the blue. Adding more of the playful and lighter tones to balance this deep, darkness. The lovely teals and turquoises then found their way into my work. I wondered what it was about these light shades that I have always felt drawn to so more research was in order!

Ahhh, turquoise and teal, you just make my heart sing!
It was when I added this lightness and AIR to my canvas, that my soul sang!

The color BLUE became a true teacher. It whispered to me, connected to a deeper truth and communicated its secrets. The finished piece became one of my favorites in this series.

I feel this little one is an activator – a magic maker – someone the flowers can depend on to bring them light and security.

And that is what BLUE is all about.

  • Blue is a conservative, trustworthy color. It will not steer you wrong. You can rely on blue to create a sense of calm and order within a space. If you are feeling unsettled, confused, uncertain, add a bit of blue to your space or your wardrobe.
  • It is the most favorited color in the rainbow. Both men and women like it. Blue sweaters sell the best because women think men like the color best, and they actually DO prefer it the most.
  • Blue is reliable, sincere, honest and reserved. It is truly a “friend in need” and WILL come to your rescue.
  • TURQUOISE, a beautiful yellow-enhanced blue can heighten your creativity. Just don’t put too much in your space as it can make you feel a bit scattered!
  • TEAL, a more sophisticated version of turquoise; is a wonderful color to surround yourself with if you are looking to advance yourself spiritually.
  • Bluebirds actually can’t see the color blue! (Owls can, though!)
  • People are more productive in blue rooms!

So, what do you think? Is BLUE your soul color?

One last thing. This is the Blue Footed Booby Bird. Yes, that’s actually his name! He uses his beautiful, fun, BLUE feet to attract his mate! What a CUTIE!

In the meantime, are you feeling a little bit creative? Would you like to create a little magic with your Soul Color? How about a little COLORING?

My MANDALA MANTRAS coloring book features 30 hand-drawn designs that are filled with positive affirmations. The combination of coloring, inspiring affirmation, and repetitive mandala design will surely be fun, relaxing and relieve your stress. Try coloring with different tones of your favorite color and use different materials (colored pencils, gel pens, markers) for an added variety of textures. To really play up your soul color, use each color’s opposite.




Working the opposite color into your artwork (or even home decor) will make the colors POP!

See you back here next week, for Week 7 and the conclusion of this “What Color is your Soul” Blog Series where we will be talking all about one of my favorite colors… PURPLE!!

– Stephanie

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