Soulful Color Orange: The New Positive

Soulful Color Orange: The New Positive by Stephanie Ignazio #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ColorOrange

In Part 3 of this 7-part “What Color is Your Soul” blog series by Stephanie Ignazio, she elaborates on the soulful color ORANGE. Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2!

If you had asked me years ago if I liked the color orange …I would have said a huge, hearty NO.

Orange is BOLD. It is VIBRANT. It screams Halloween to me.

It would never be a color I would wear, and definitely, one that I would not want to decorate my home with.

My, my… how things change.

Not only do I now love the color orange … it is a huge part of my home decorating scheme. (It’s a total winner with navy!)

That’s not to say that every shade of orange is my favorite.

Orange is a color used A LOT in restaurants. It has been known to stimulate appetite and many fast food restaurants use it within their decor. Eat fast, out fast. It is a cheerful color and many find it a little bit more easy on the eye than red.

This is due to the fact that orange is a secondary color. It takes the hot and spiciness of RED and mixes it with the happiness and vibrancy of YELLOW.

My week with orange started out playful for sure. Gathering my supplies proved easier than I imagined. Again, I was surprised at how many shades and tones I had acquired in my paint collection. These different shades all had varying degrees of yellow and/or red to them, so layering was a much easier process. I could layer from light to dark or add light on top of dark this week and still see the variety.

After researching about the color orange, I knew she too needed to be created in a goddess-like creation, much like her friend Lady Dynamite from last week.

Orange is a playful, optimistic color. It exudes warmth and happiness. It made me think of a butterfly. Since Orange is a very social color, I knew this goddess would need to be surrounded by friends. Butterfly friends!

In order to make the orange POP as much as I wanted it to… the addition of BLUES was called for. It added CONTRAST to the work… little bits of lights and darks that helped the artwork come together.

The end result was fun, lively, exotic, cheerful and vivid for sure!

If you find yourself drawn to orange… you might just be looking for a little more playfulness in your life. Are you feeling too serious lately?

When I was decorating my living room, I felt drawn to add pillows that were in the orange family; it was JUST the ticket! Those pillows brightened up the space and balanced the darkness of my navy wall. Maybe add a little orange scarf or even a necklace to your day and see what happens?

Playing in my What COLOR is your SOUL art journal, also proved fun this week. This week I “met” a sassy character that made me stop in my tracks… I was immediately interested to hear what she had to say.

I have a feeling this character is part of a collective… more to come for sure.

Let’s take a little closer look at the color orange!

Now that we know all about the color orange… what do you think?

Orange was a super fun color to work with. I loved its vibrancy… and its excitement.

Is Orange your favorite color?

Do you see yourself in the list above?

Then, Orange may just be YOUR SOUL COLOR!

See you next week when we walk on sunshine with the color YELLOW.

– Stephanie ♥

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