Soulful Color Purple: Connecting Mind and Spirit

Soulful Color Purple: Connecting Mind and Spirit by Stephanie Ignazio #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SoulfulColorPurple

What Color is your SOUL? Blog Series Week 7 – Soulful color PURPLE: Connecting Mind and Spirit

When I was a teenager in the 80’s, the color purple was in its “hay day.” In fact, there was an entire store dedicated to the color called “The Purple Grape.” The store was located on Cape Cod, so I didn’t get there very often (in fact, not at all), but as a birthday present my Aunt and Uncle went on a voyage to the store and brought me back a ton of purple-icious items!

I truly will never forget it.

I was obsessed with purple.

Purple: vibrant, artistic, eccentric, unique. A color that spans history as the color of royalty and wealth.
I have loved purple my entire life. I loved it so much that my bridesmaids wore it and I even decorated my entire wedding with lavender roses!

The plant lavender has been known for its calming, sweet smell in holistic medicine. A perfect way to relax and rejuvenate.

Purple fabric was incredibly hard to come by in the early years.

Costly to create and difficult to produce; only delegated to royalty, nobility, and members of the clergy.

Fast forward many years and purple is now seen as the color of spirituality; referencing the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. Unlocking the connection to the future, the imagination, the dream channel.

The color purple encourages compassion and dreaming, while still keeping us grounded in the present. But the color is not only for yogis; inspiring artists, musicians, writers, and poets are also influenced greatly by the vibrant color.

As part of my “What Color is your Soul?” series, each color became my constant companion for an extended part of time. Beginning my time with purple felt like meeting an old friend, one filled with wisdom and truth. A friend who would teach me so much more about my process as an artist.

Intuitive art begins with exploration, and that is exactly where my journey began. This time, I began with wet medium (inks and liquid watercolors) to create an ethereal quality. I felt confident that my piece would stay heavenly; airy and filled with freedom. It was shortly about to change.

Creating handmade papers was incredibly fun and there are so many shades of purple and violet to play with.

After waiting for the inks to dry, I found myself gathering more purple materials.

Layering and mark making took over and I soon realized I was in foreign territory. A nude was emerging.


This piece felt incredibly raw, incredibly vulnerable, incredibly at peace.
There was a longing… an enlightenment taking place. The figure was in an intimate conversation with the Universe.
Where did the light want to come from? Above or thru her? I fought my inner process trying to force the piece to move in a certain direction.
I felt as though this painting was illustrating a moment from my past, when all of a sudden, I just knew there was MORE. More light!

An illustration of an awakening.
Of my own awakening.
The moment when I knew that I was fully supported by the Universe above.
That is the power of purple.
That is the power of paint.

Purple has long been associated with wizards and mystics. With awakenings and spiritual journeys. The color most used for psychics and meditation.

Purple is both a color of wisdom and sensitivity.

A color that combines power with humility.

Working on this piece this week felt like an intimate conversation with my soul.

A knowing of the journey that I had been on.

How far I had come in my own spiritual practice.

It is no surprise that purple is one of my very favorite colors. For so long, I have in fact called myself a purple zebra…feeling somehow different from others in this world. It wasn’t until I fully accepted my own truth and embraced my gifts that I felt like I confidently belonged in the creative world.

Do you love purple?

Is purple your SOUL COLOR?
Take a look… let’s see.

This is our last week together as this article is the last of the 7-Part “What Color is your Soul?” series.
We have made it to the last color of the rainbow!

My hope is that you have connected to your soul color, found inspiration and had some fun learning about color theory and its meaning.

Feel like playing with your Soul Color a little bit? Why not try COLORING with your Soul Color?

My MANDALA MANTRAS coloring book features 30 hand-drawn designs that are filled with positive affirmations. The combination of coloring, inspiring affirmations, and repetitive mandala design will surely be fun, relaxing and relieve your stress. Try coloring with different tones of your favorite color or use different materials (colored pencils, gel pens, markers) for an added variety of textures. To really play up your soul color, use each color’s opposite.




You can see this relationship in a few of my art pieces. Working the opposite color into your artwork (or even home decor) will make the colors POP!


Stephanie ♥

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