Super Blue Moon Eclipse: January 31, 2018

Super Blue Moon Eclipse: January 31, 2018 by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BlueMoon

Super Blue Moon Eclipse: January 31, 2018 by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BlueMoon

The Super Blue Moon Eclipse will take place on January 31, 2018!

What a way to start out the first month of this 11 year! On January 1 (or the second depending on where you are in the world), we had a full supermoon, and now we have a second super full moon on the last day of the month, January 31! (1:27pm London, England; 8:27am New York; 5:27am Los Angeles) The second full moon to occur in a month is called a Blue moon. A supermoon is when the moon is much closer to earth, and therefore, appears bigger in the sky. Since it is closer, its effects are increased.

And if things couldn’t get much more intense, it’s a lunar eclipse, too!

Full moon eclipses are super intensified and can cause even more emotional releases, space for self-awareness, new beginnings and incredible transformation. On January 16/17, we had a new moon in Capricorn, and that day was all about acting on your career and soul mission, to start the new year! So, if you haven’t yet started a new project or created something, or worked in some new way, this is the year for it, all year long.

The super blue moon eclipse is in Leo, the heart-centered Lion of the cosmos.

Leo is a leader, leading by the heart; is meant to be seen, heard and followed; is about stepping into the spotlight and your own power; is courageous and very honest. Leo teaches us to be truthful and strong; are kind and compassionate, generous and loyal; and helps us become more loving and giving. Eclipses can reveal and help us uncover buried issues for they are meant to shake us up and create imbalances in our life where we are meant to heal and transform.

Eclipses are the way the Universe pushes us into transformation by showing us where we need to change.

They can move us out of our safe place, especially if this safe place no longer fits our soul’s growth. Since this eclipse is in Leo, look for themes surrounding Leo in your life that are being uncovered for you and in you, or around people in your life. You may find you need to change your appearance, your home, or work environment; your way of acting and reacting to others; the way you communicate, think, or feel; even the way you love or who you love. It is about discovering your inner truths even more deeply to live your authentic self.

This full blue moon eclipse is part of the theme of this year of manifestation, for we can only manifest what we truly want by transformation.

Eclipses can really break through our own internal blockages, even if we are not aware of them. They reveal turning points, endings, beginnings, truths, and can move time and situations much more quickly, plus so much more. They are like the wild card of life, anything goes. So be aware, prepared, and ready to work with these potent and incredible energies we are being gifted with on this day.

This year is asking you to tune into your true soul-purpose, and the Universe is giving you the energy to create change within or around you on this special day.

The effects of an eclipse can last up to two weeks, therefore, take time and be gentle with yourself as you find your buried issues, heal them, and transform yourself. This is a major time of awakening and the intensity may be something you haven’t yet felt, and it can be a bit overwhelming, but it is worth it.

I know for me, this year has been more intense in many different ways. For instance, I have been more emotional, with lots of ups and downs, both in a cleansing way and an uplifting way. The more I have cleansed, cleared and healed issues as they arise, the better I feel, helping to enlighten myself, and heightening my intuition.

This year is about the connection between our highest spiritual self and our physical self, therefore, strengthening intuition is intended.

Having a stronger intuition is us communicating more clearly with Spirit, receiving the messages we need to follow. By uncovering issues, healing, and transforming them, it removes emotional, mental, and spiritual debris within ourselves to make space for new ideas, thoughts, feelings, and possibilities. It allows us to be more aware of new opportunities and to discern which ones are right for us. All of this brings us deeper into our truth.

Another theme for this year is Truth, and we will see more and more of our truth being revealed, as well as truth around us in the world.

The moon is about feelings and intuition, and starting the year with a full moon in Cancer, which is a very emotional and intuitive sign, and finishing the first month with this Full Blue Moon Eclipse in Leo, a heart-centered sign, is really a powerful way the Universe is presenting us to work with the energies to create and live our dreams, wishes and desires by following and being true to ourselves, our hearts, and our souls.

And we have a powerful and exciting solar eclipse coming up on February 15! Stay tuned for more information on this special day right here on my blog at The Wellness Universe!

Please note, I’m not an astrologer or numerologist. I am a knowledge seeker, energy worker, and intuitive/psychic. Therefore, I have learned a lot, and use the astrological and numerology energies in my life, and know it works! I have had my personal natal chart done, plus I have solar return readings done every year around my birthday. This is in conjunction with my own personal Divine wisdom via my Divine inner Core, my guides and guardians, and my own energy work. If I can be of assistance to you in your soul journey, I’d be honored.


– Heather

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