The Heart, Soul, and Ego of Your Business

The Heart, Soul, and Ego of Your Business by Eileen Burns #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #YourBusiness

The Heart, Soul, and Ego of Your Business

Why is Our Businesses More an Extension of Ourselves Than We Realise?

You could say that the motivating drives and decisions in our business come from our heart, our soul, and our ego.
Our Heart:

The passion that runs through the veins of whatever therapy, technique or teaching we do, the love we give in helping and supporting others, the genuine compassion, and care we give to our clients and students who we are so honoured to work with.

Our Soul:

The magic of what we bring through as our unique essence, our natural gifts and abilities, everything that we are here to do. Our unique message that runs through the connections to everything else in our business.

Our Ego:

The survival aspect, the human aspect which comes from fear, comes from our stories, past, beliefs, limitations… very much the financial aspect of our business.

The Heart of Your Work:
  • What do you love about your work?
  • What type of clients do you love to work with?
  • What is important in your business; your ethics, your values?
The Soul Essence of Your Work:

If we look at our soul essence, it is far greater than we can imagine, it has a purpose just like your business. What is the beautiful traits of your soul essence? So many healers, therapists, and coaches have strong traits such as:

The Magician – healer, shaman, medicine man or

The Sage – the teacher, mentor, guru, expert, the wise old man or

The Caregiver – the nurturer, parent, helper, supporter …

What is YOURS? Check out The 12 Common Archetypes.

This can really help put a magnifying glass on what naturally exudes out of you, the core traits that have been with you all of your life, that comes so naturally that you don’t even think about it. And those that grow with life experience.

Combine this with your life’s challenges and somewhere in the middle and all together is the magic and key to your soul business.

The Ego of Your Business:

This is the survival aspect, the logic thinking or fear, even the motivations from your own painful stories.

One of my biggest drives in my business was to be the best therapist I could be but in many ways, it was my biggest crucifixion I was driven by my passion, my purpose but also my ego, my fear, and pain. I had a very rare serious health condition from my childhood and diagnosed with severe M.E. from my late teens that now looks like it may, in fact, have been Lymes disease that many people thought wasn’t real but which impacted my life greatly and caused me many serious health complications. With no mainstream treatment or support for my illnesses, I sought solace in holistic medicine and although I was privileged to be treated by some of the most amazing and dedicated therapists here in Scotland. I also had some horrible and dangerous situations with therapists, even 25 years later I am still gobsmacked what goes on, what is done and said to clients.

What happened to Do No Harm First? 

So, I promised myself that I would do my best never to let any of my clients have those sorts of challenges. The experiences helped me be a better therapist but I also put myself through horrendous pressure and stress despite being a Stress Therapist lol to train, train, train…I was driven by fear and pain of the ego of not being enough.

I was also driven by my own life story in relation to money and charging, I spent most of my early twenties very ill and unable to work and the next 20 years most of my income went on my health. And many times, I simply couldn’t afford the treatments I needed to be fit to work, so I carried that story into my business. I believed that many clients couldn’t pay, so I constantly undercharged, I even let clients not pay or pay far less than what I needed to charge…and believe me, most of these clients were in a lot better financial situation than I ever was. It took a long time in my business for me to address these issues because I was in my ego and hadn’t addressed these limiting beliefs and old story. The ego can come out in so many ways in our business positively and negatively. What is your ego sabotaging in your business?

Your Life’s Journey

Most healers are the wounded healer, that comes with the wisdom and compassion of their own story. Your biggest life challenges are your biggest asset in your business but it can also be your biggest sabotage if you’re not aware of why you make the decisions in your business you do.

Just remember your Soul Essence is your biggest asset, make sure you’re not shy at acknowledging and shining those gifts in your marketing.

– Eileen

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