The Power of Intention and Manifestation

The Power of Intention and Manifestation by Marie Aldrich #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #IntentionAndManifestation
This is a true story of intention and manifestation that begins a few months back, in early February.

I was sitting at my desk, in a corporate job that I really didn’t like but took to pay the bills. Does this sound familiar anyone? It was a rough day and I felt trapped, thinking why can’t I just do my crystal art, teach, and do psychic crystal readings/healings to pay the bills.

That’s it I was going to test the Universe and demand that I am out of this job by the end of March. I did request there be money flow, creative projects, and clients to support this change.

I folded this request to the Universe up, tucked it in my wallet and forgot about it.

I get a strange call from the HR department on March 27th saying they are going to do my review and I should fill my paperwork out and meet on Friday, March 30th at 10 am. I had a very odd feeling creep over me that I couldn’t put my finger on. These days it was getting extremely busy at the office with orders flooding in so surely, I was going to get asked to take on more responsibility.

The weekend came and I had 2 dreams back to back that I was going to be laid off, even though these dreams were about losing my job the FEELING in the dreams was peaceful and happy. I awoke and looked up what getting laid off meant symbolically in my dream book. It meant new opportunities and that sounded good to me! Then the week past and Friday morning came. I met with the HR Director and my new boss of 4 months.

What happened next shocked me a little. I got the worst review of my life. I had requested training for my new position 4 months earlier, that never came and I was keeping up with very detailed orders that no one outside the industry could possibly do without training. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How is this happening? We are dissolving your position and making it a management position where you will have to work longer hours, nights, weekends and travel. NO! How will I have time to work on my passions of crystal art and readings?

I sat there in disbelief, what is going on?

I declined the new position that was being offered, after getting slammed with a bad review while working my butt off. My ego kicked in. What the “….?” I have always received stellar reviews, been an over achiever and gotten accolades at every job I had ever had. I started looking back only to realize I had ALWAYS had positions where creativity was required and was my strength. That moment hit me like a ton of bricks, why am I resisting the flow? Fighting to do something every day that made me miserable.

Turns out I would be getting laid off but asked to stay 2 more weeks to tie up loose ends… awkward. When I went home that night I stumbled across my demand to the Universe, folded up in my wallet, to be done with the job by the end of March and here it was March 30th! Wow, my dread turned to excitement!

The Universe co-created this ending for me in my exact timing I requested.

Over the next two weeks’, people at work kept telling me they were going to miss me and my ENERGY and that I am like the work Therapist. The chair next to my desk always had someone in it expressing their issues, illnesses or stresses. I had always been in a position where people I barely know would confide in me and ask for my opinions on things going on in their lives.

This turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise. This situation showed me where I was not meant to be while at the exact same time showed me exactly where I was meant to be, helping others by offering crystal readings and healings and crystal art.

I felt filled with gratitude for losing my job and knowing that we have to be careful what we wish for because we are so powerful we will get it!

It seems like lightworkers across the board have been challenged even more over the past few months. This is my message of hope to all of you – demand, request, create exactly what it is you want; now is the time.

I can assure you the Universe has your back and mine!

Much Love, Light & Blessings,

Marie Aldrich

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