The Power of Taking One More Step

The Power of Taking One More Step by Isaac Navias #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Step

As I stepped out of the car, the wind whipped around me. I looked up into the clouds and saw the peak of our goal. My girlfriend and I were about to accomplish something that I am truly proud of. Something I had never done before. As we started up the path, I knew this was going to push us, physically and mentally. I knew this was going to be especially daunting for me because of my asthma and the elevation. Yet, I’ve never let asthma stop me from accomplishing my goals. While I may go a little slower than others, I continue going, and I always complete my goals. As we climbed this mountain, I was astounded by the capabilities of humankind. As I reached into myself and explored my energy, my sexual power, I’ve learned what it is to be human and I saw the immense potential we have. The ability we have to accomplish the impossible.

As we climbed, I was astounded by our resiliency and our ability to adapt. What other creatures could master all the different terrain we have? We might not be as fast as a horse on a grassy plane or have the ability to climb as well as a mountain goat, and yet we can conquer both, and it all starts with One Step. Just one step after another step, after another step. It really is truly amazing what one step can accomplish for humankind. I recognized how grateful I was that I had recognized this years ago in my personal life. I’ve been taking one step after another in my career, and just like my ascent up this mountain, I know that I will reach this summit with my business as long as I keep taking one step after another, after another.

As we descended the mountain, our bodies started feel the exertion that we had been putting them through. For Kim, this has been the most exertion she had gone through since her major surgery. At about the halfway mark, there was a large, steep incline we had to climb up to continue our descent, ironically. My girlfriend looked at me and she just asked, “Isaac, I’m so tired, like, what do I do? How do I continue?” I told her, “Babe, you’re doing amazing. You’re doing great. We’ll rest whenever you need. Really, all you need to do is just take one step, and then take another. She said, “Okay,” and we continued.

As we got about ¾ of the way down, my body started giving out. The exhaustion drained me. Yet I reached into myself, I checked into the flow of my energy and realized that while I was physically exhausted, I was filled with energy. I checked into my genitals and my sexual energy and I said, “Yes,” and I asked for some energy to flow through my body. And then I just started repeating to myself, “One step after another. One step after another.” I started thinking about all the things that I am grateful for. All the reasons I am blessed to be living a life I’m living. As I’m doing this, my girlfriend looks back at me, and I’ve got this BIG smile on my face. I’m walking with my hands going like Richard Simmons marching down the street and she just starts laughing. You know, here I was, completely drained of physical energy, with a big smile on my face marching down the trail.

Tony Robbins once said, “We often overestimate what we can accomplish in one year, and wildly underestimate what we can accomplish in several decades.” So often we find overwhelm in our goals, our dreams. They seem too big, just like reaching the summit of Picacho Peak, which wasn’t even visible behind the clouds. Yet, if all we do is take a step, and then another step, there truly is no goal, no dream, no personal legend that is too big, too daunting for us to achieve.

All that is required of you today is to take that first step and enjoy the journey.

– Isaac Navias

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