To the Sensitive Soul

To the Sensitive Soul By Melissa Schwartz #WUVIP #CoreBlogger #MelissaSchwartz #AuthenticSelf #Purpose #Truth #HighlySensitivePeople #SensitiveSoul

We are all in this together. You are seen and you are loved, sensitive soul!

I get it. I understand how intensely you feel everything. Life is different for you. You are one of the lucky ones. I know you may think otherwise, but you are blessed. Many don’t “get” you but those who do, do. I understand you. I see you. I honor your truth. I recognize your perspective. I value your experience. I honor your willingness, courage, and determination. I get you because I am you.

You were born perfectly imperfect and there is nothing wrong with you. 

Do not let this world sour your sweetness.

Being misunderstood is simply a reflection of your divine complexity. You see, you were meant to stand out. Your purpose is clear. You are here to shake things up and change what isn’t working. That sort of rebellion is rarely met with understanding. Do not be dissuaded from your inner guidance. No one else can know your journey, your soul’s mission.

Figure out what stokes your fire and let it burn- bright, fiery and hot. Allow your truth to radiate through creative expression. Try everything that is interesting. Meet each experience with integrity and curiosity. Move through life by following your highest excitement. Discover your ultimate reason for being, and be it.

You came to teach through your example and lead others into doing the same. You were never meant to struggle through life. Give up trying to explain yourself. Let go of wanting to please others. Embrace who you really are and savor your specialness.

There is a reason your soul was placed into your body, family, and country. You were carefully selected to romp through though life from your unique perspective.

Be audaciously authentic. Draw other like-minded beings into your existence. Connect with those who are seeking similar connection. Do not require others to be like you and stop judging them for their inability to perceive through your unique lens. No one needs to be convinced of anything and you will exhaust yourself trying. Give it up. As you bestow acceptance on others you manifest it for yourself.

Most of all, love yourself. All is connected in this life experience and your manifested world ripples outward. Self-acceptance and inner peace allow mastery of sensitivity.

We are all in this together. You are seen and you are loved, sensitive soul!


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