Understanding Our Soul Contracts

Understanding Our Soul Contracts by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SoulContracts

Understanding Our Soul Contracts by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SoulContracts

Life is all about fate and destiny. We create our own destiny through free will & free choice.

Destiny is having options and opportunities, and choosing wisely with the information and experience we have up until this point. Fate is part of the lessons our souls need to learn, and regardless of our choices, we will still be provided challenges to face and learn those lessons in some fashion. It is about karma and past lives connections. Fate is also linked to our soul contracts. Whatever soul contracts you entered before you manifested as a human being will be initiated in some way. You will be connected to the soul of that contract, whether it is a family member, friend, co-worker, or another.

Being awakened to our soul-selves, and the aspects of spirituality allow us infinite opportunities to learn, transform, and awaken, fulfilling our soul journeys. It helps us recognize and learn the lessons provided by situations and relationships. It helps us be aware of significant experiences so we can assimilate the new knowledge and wisdom, helping us not repeat the same lesson in another lifetime or this one.

Being awakened, helps us to be open and aware to realize when we’re dealing with a soul contract. There can be a spark, or feeling or even a faint memory of knowing the person. It might be an overwhelming attraction in some way. For instance, have you ever run into someone and think you know them? Both of you feel the same way and initiate a conversation like: “Where did you grow up,” “What schools did you attend,” and/or “Where have you worked,” in an attempt to figure out how you know the other person. Sometimes you have met them before, yet it is those times where you have nothing in common until meeting them at that exact moment.

This is fate.

Destiny is choosing whether or not to act upon the meeting. If you choose not to do so, you may run into them again. Or, initially, that person is irresistible in some way. Perhaps you are romantically attracted to them. Perhaps you discover they worked somewhere that interests you, or lived someplace close to where you live now. Dig further when meeting someone you “think you know”, and you may discover a soul contract. The contract may be for you or them, easy or challenging. The person may have agreed to help you start a business. Or you may have agreed to be hurtful to that person to help them learn a lesson. There is a myriad of lessons, contracts and past life connections, which affect us every day.

If you don’t’ know what the contract is, or aren’t sure if you have a soul connection with someone or you have a soul contract, you can consult past life readers, those who do past life regression or Akashic Record Readers. I love doing Akashic Record Readings for people, and myself. I find them very interesting, have helped others, and learned so much about my life lessons. When you have an Akashic Record reading, it helps the other person as well to heal any “discord” from a previous lifetime, allowing you to more easily be around them in this lifetime and fulfill the soul contract…whether or not the other person is aware or awakened. The “cord” between you to is being healed within the Records. I invite you to discover more about Akashic Records readings.

If we aren’t awakened to the spiritual aspects of life and our soul lessons, we don’t know any better;  we don’t know about past life connections, soul contracts, and old karmic cords. It creates, even more, discord, issues, and challenges. We simply just don’t “get it,” so we walk away because we don’t understand or it is uncomfortable. With free will, we can choose to walk away from a challenging person or situation, rather than dive in and find out what is happening, and why. We can walk away from something that may actually transform our lives, leading us to an even better situation, person or place.

If we aren’t paying attention to how our lives are unfolding and discovering any underlying reasons, such as soul connections and contracts, we will repeat the lesson again, either in this lifetime or another. Be aware, when you choose to walk away, the lessons become more challenging and more difficult each time around. I have an analogy: The first time a lesson will be a nudge; the second time will be a push where you fall down; and the third time is a huge shove, pushing you off a cliff.

It is also interesting to note, that we do have layers of lessons, and as layers are uncovered and healed, another deeper layer will emerge. The deeper levels are to strengthen us and allow the lessons to create more wisdom so we are better equipped with the next layer and future lessons.

If you are ready to work with your soul connections and soul contracts, I’d be honored to help you.


– Heather

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