The Wellness Universe 2017 Holiday Fundraising Event

Real People. Real Resources. Really Changing the World.

The world needs hope, healing and support. One by one Wellness Universe World-Changers (WU World-Changers) create more happiness, health and peace throughout our planet. Together we make the world a more positive and peace-filled space.

In 2013, The Wellness Universe Founder Anna Pereira had an epic vision. Passionate about leaving the world a better place than she found it, she reached out to Shari Alyse and shared her idea of creating an unprecedented community of people, each one being a resource for well-being, who are just as passionate and dedicated to making the world a better place.

Wellness requires all areas of our life to have balance. The Wellness Universe has a community of wellness practitioners and professionals who support you in 7 areas of wellness: Environmental, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual. Completely member supported, all content is created by the members to support their personal messages to help make the world a better place. The Wellness Universe launched live on 1/23/15, first as a Facebook page directory, and now as a robust resource comprised of over 2,500 vetted members from around the world.

Our Vision

The Wellness Universe vision is, quite simply, world peace. We believe this is achieved by supporting, empowering and celebrating wellness professionals and World-Changer leaders around the globe. If we systematically and practically support leaders, provide them with a community and a platform through which to share their passion, message and expertise, they will be positively and profoundly affected and this in turn will increase their reach, impact and ability to educate and inspire true and lasting whole health in people the world over. The Wellness Universe is a catalyst for this.

Our Mission

The Wellness Universe (WU) mission is to revolutionize the wellness industry and ultimately what wellness means, how we incorporate it into our lives and how we access and share wellness resources. Through our leading-edge online directory and platform, we make resources for self-help and empowerment, and connection to an evolutionary global wellness community easily accessible, all under one WU umbrella. We believe that in connecting one another in the pursuit of whole health and well-being, personally and professionally, this causes a ripple effect that will ultimately inspire peace globally.

Founders Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse, along with their remarkable, dedicated team make this space possible.

Will you help support this epic project and help us reach our goal of $50,000? We welcome any amount that fits within your budget.

These funds will go towards upgrading our technology, creating more resources that are even easier and more accessible to you and continually working towards the vision of world peace. This isn’t an easy feat. We are a very small (but awesome!) team with very limited resources and we KNOW what this can grow to be. We ask you to take a deep look within and think about what kind of world you want to live in. If you want to live in one where people are kinder, more respectful, feel good, share resources and truly understand all of our connectedness, then we humbly ask you to help support us.

All donors who wish to support The Wellness Universe with a donation of at least $50 will be part of a Mega-Prize Drawing! 3 Lucky Winners will be chosen at random and win Cancun vacations! Winners chosen 1/2/18 and notified via email.

Congratulations to our randomly selected WINNERS of Cancun vacations:
Carol Pilkington
Bamboo Ilana
Rute Antunes

There were 38 qualifying contributions that were each assigned a number. Google random number generator was used to generate 3 numbers and this is how the winners were selected.

This Holiday Fundraising Event will be open from now until 1/1/18. Please help us hit our goal and help further the mission and create more wellness in the world by sharing and supporting.

Update: As the 2017 Holiday Fundraising Event has officially ended 1/1/18, gifts from WU Sponsors are no longer available. You are welcome do use the open donation button to contribute and your contribution will be logged below.
Thank you for your support!

Please use this donation button to donate any amount you wish. From $1 to $1M, no amount is too small or too large and all is received with great appreciation.



Why not get one (or more) of these wonderful gifts as a gift for yourself or a loved one while your donation supports our fundraiser? These can be transferred to anyone you wish!

Once your transaction has been completed, we will email you to connect you with the sponsor of your gift. Once you receive this communication, you can give us the name and email of the person you would like to gift and we will send them a lovely email with your personal message.

Receive amazing gifts for half of their normal cost donated by our generous sponsors! Feel free to claim one or more (some in limited quantities) and save while supporting The Wellness Universe.

Gifts are listed below with a corresponding ‘Donate’ button for each gift. Items will be marked ‘SOLD OUT’ once they are all claimed. After you have completed your transaction, you will be directly connected via email to the sponsor(s) to claim your gift(s). Please check your inbox associated with your Paypal email address to claim your gift(s). Please allow up to 48 business hours to receive this email.

To find out more information on our sponsor(s) and their generous gift(s), be sure to click on their link.

Update: As the 2017 Holiday Fundraising Event has officially ended 1/1/18, gifts are no longer available. You are welcome do use the open donation button to contribute and your contribution will be logged below. To serve our WU Sponsors, their gifts from the event will remain on this page.

Thank you for your support!


Gift #1 – Donate $15 and receive a 30-minute ‘Distant Reiki Session‘ with Todd Le Bouef Value $30.

Qty. Available: None

Gift #2 – Donate $30 and receive a life changing, 50-minute one-on-one ‘Stress Management Session‘ with Elizabeth Kipp Value $60.

Qty. Available: None

Gift #3 – Donate $38 and receive ‘Streamline Your Social Media Strategy‘ from Ande Lyons. “It’s ideal for the busy business owner, and I guide them through a strategy for each platform, along with my extra awesomesauce impactful inbound digital marketing strategy NO ONE talks about or teaches.” Value $75

Qty. Available: None

Gift #4 – Donate $40 and receive a signed copy of ’12 Powers We Hold Within.’ Achieve remarkable goals in your personal and professional life with the aid of this book that has already changed lives and will inspire you to your greatness! Authored by Orly Amor.

Qty. Available: None

Gift #5 – Donate $49 and receive a 6-week group Mindset/Weight Loss Coaching Program led by Christine & Dave Whitmore, Mindset/Wellness Coaches. Value of $77

Qty. Available: None

Gift #6 – Donate $50 and receive a one hour Intuitive Counseling Session with Samaria Nancy Cardinal. Value: $100.00 

Qty. Available: SOLD OUT

Gift #7 – Donate $55 and receive one remote session of Deva Communion Healing. Rosi Goldsmith tunes into your body’s innate wisdom to communicate with muscles, joints, and other tissues. She then teaches you to breathe love, compassion, and gratitude to activate your body’s intelligence in the direction of better health. Value $110

Qty. Available: None

Gift #8 – Donate $60 and receive ‘Online Course Creation with Dr. LJ Rose’, a 3-part recorded class series. Detail-packed, instructing you on exactly how to create your own online courses Dr. LJ Rose teaches you everything you need to get started.  Value $186

Qty. Available: None

Gift #9 – Donate $75  and receive a 90-minute one-on-one coaching session for a life situation or relationship issue or alternative lifestyle discussion with Aisha-Sky Gates. Individuals or couples. All are welcome!  Aisha-Sky Gates. Value $150

Qty. Available: None

Gift #10 – Donate $75 and receive a 45 minute live phone consultation on “How to Survive The Holiday Season (and beyond) Without Gaining The Usual 7 – 12 lbs … And Still Enjoy The Parties!” with Ricki  “McHealthy” McKenna, Choose Health Solutions.  Value $150

Qty. Available: None

Gift #11 – Donate $110 and receive a one-on-one with  Christelle Chopard. Experience a DHARMI® Holistic Coaching Consultation, to navigate life transition with clarity and confidence.  Value $220

Qty. Available: None

Gift #12 – Donate $125 and receive 3 individual one-on-one business coaching sessions with Ande Lyons. “If you’re a startup ready to grow your business to the next level…or a budding entrepreneur struggling with how to take your idea and launch, brand and build it into a profitable, sustainable business…let’s talk!” Value $250

Qty. Available:  – SOLD OUT

Gift #13 – Donate $125 and receive 3 recorded classes: ‘Online Course Creation with Dr. LJ Rose‘. Additionally, receive a 45 minute one-on-one consultation with Dr. LJ to begin your online course creation journey with personal service to streamline your success. Value $336

Qty. Available: None

Gift #14 – Donate $125 and receive Denise Povernick‘s Angel Course. Connecting to your Guardian Angels has never been easier.  Join this class to receive an abundance of intuitive guidance that takes you step by step to learn how to receive and understand Angel communication.  Value $250

Qty. Available: None

Gift #15 – Donate $160 and receive Orly Amor‘s 6-session recorded class on powerfully networking to gain, give and grow your influence and catapult your success. Your Net-Worth is in your Network, so network like a master! Value $540

Qty. Available: None

Gift #16 – Donate $198 For registration in ‘Own Your B.A.D.A.S.S. Self ‘ 4-week Mini-Course with Shari Alyse. If you are woman who is ready to be bolder in your life and finally be done with the excuses as to what holds you back, then join Shari and other B.A.D.A.S.S. (Brave, Authentic, Daring, Amazing, Self-Confident, Superwoman) women as she guides and supports you into owning the powerful and beautiful woman you truly are! Powerful, transformational and fun! Value: $397

Qty. Available: None

Gift #17 – Donate $250 and receive Orly Amor‘s 12-session recorded classes: ‘Get Paid to Speak in 30 Days or Less’. Orly guarantees you will earn well into six figures if you follow her strategy. This 12-class, deep dive goes over the details of the Business of Public Speaking. How to get booked, what you need to do, how to present yourself, who to network with and more. Value $1080

Qty. Available: None

Gift #18 – Donate $297 and receive Lisa Meisels Client Clarity & Attraction Bundle which includes a 5-part video course on Client Attraction, The Crystal Clear Message Brand Creator workbook and template plus a Positioning Statement template (aka “what do you do” statement). Value  $597.00

Qty. Available: None

Gift #19 – Donate $499 and receive a VIP Enriched Living™ Experience Day to support you in creating radical resolution and finally making that elusive breakthrough from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma and pain. This personalized day with Trilby Johnson will enrich your life and mindset in so many ways and offer you a greater sense of self, peace and confidence! Value $997

Qty. Available: None

Gift #20 – Donate $500 and receive an on-line, 4 session “Coaching for Client Centricity” package with Will Offen. This is the full starter package of coaching, designed to bring businesses into an awareness of the power of a Client Centric Culture in their business! Lower Marketing Costs; More Sales; Higher Profits. Value $1000

Qty. Available: None

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Please Meet Our Generous Sponsors:

Orly Amor

Orly Amor
Business Coach for Public Speakers

Ande Lyons

Ande Lyons
Startup Life with Ande Lyons

LindaJoy aka Dr. L J Rose

LindaJoy aka Dr. L J Rose
Natural Wellness Academy

Elizabeth Kipp

Elizabeth Kipp
Stress & Chronic Pain Management

Lisa Meisels

Lisa Meisels

Rosi Goldsmith

Rosi Goldsmith
Integration Massage

Will Offen

Will Offen
Coaching for Client Centricity

Aisha-Sky Gates

Aisha-Sky Gates
Gates Counseling

Samaria Nancy Cardinal

Samaria Nancy Cardinal
Samaria’s Mystical Group

Trilby Johnson

Trilby Johnson
The Connective

Christine Whitmore

Christine Whitmore
4 Paths to Wellness














Ricki McKenna

Ricki McKenna
McHealthy Matters

Denise Povernick

Denise Povernick
Innerstrength University

Todd Le Bouef

Todd Le Bouef
Mind, Body, Spirit Reiki & Beyond

Shari Alyse
Co-Founder The Wellness Universe

















We are grateful for our Donors! 1/2/18 we have raised: $4827 



Updated periodically, we will post the amount of funds we have raised and name the donors if they choose to share their identity.

Rosi Goldsmith – $136
Aisha-Sky Gates – $55
Anonymous – $50
Jackie Dodds – $50
Audrey Michelle – $20
Desiree Holmes Scherini – $40
Helena Kalivoda – $38
Justin Furuta – $5
Salvatore Ciatto – $50
Carol Pilkington – $50
Rajan Narayanaswamy – $100
Cheryl Meyer – $38
Pamela Dussault – $50
Debra Bartz – $50
Nicole Levac – $25
Janette Stuart – $50
Terri Murphy – $50
Ronnie Siegel Mark – $50
Catherine Allon – $20
Deborah Pokornik – $38
Mitchell Osborn – $30
Felicia Reed – $20
Lina Landess – $16
Catherine Gruener – $50
Amy Camie – $35
Mateja Petje – $15
Oriana – $20
Versandra Kennebrew – $10
Susan Hampstead – $50
Health & Wellness Network of Commerce – $100
Gary Stuart – $20
Jeanne Marie – $100
Jennifer Lynn Simo-Phillips – $50
Sheila Willis – $50
Elaine MacLeod – $15
Nitza Turner-Schraeter – $20
Victoria Powell – $15
Alex Diamantopoulos – $50
Cindy Hively – $15
Anonymous – $10
Laura Thompson – $50
Lanie Davis – $50
Halina Goldstein – $20
Jessica Dewell – $50
Dr. Janet Smith Warfield – $53
Richard D Plant – $20
Len Fry – $20
Lisa Meisels – $50
L.J. Jackson – $25
Danielle Lazarakis – $25
Christine Morgan – $20
Ricki McKenna – $50
Dru Ann Welch – $30
Dina Kushnir – $50
International Sports Business – $1000
Bamboo Ilana – $50
Linda Gillan – $20
Rute Antunes – $50
Chris Kramer – $40
Kathryn Brewer – $50
Rute Antunes – $50
Charlotte Elizabeth Scott – $20
Sheila Kennedy – $20
Jill Bernstein – $50
Di Riseborough – $50
Ilene Dillon – $25
Robyn Wahlgast – $20
Andrea Trank – $20
Marianne Melino – $40
Kenneth Johnson – $38
Theresa Walstra – $20
Lillian Pederson – $310
Andrea Warren – $40
Joyce A Tepley – $25
Jeffrey Eisen – $100
Kate Reust – $50
Pamela Landolt – $38
Bonnie Chase – $400
Rui Mendes – $20
Chuck Crawford – $50
TA7Productions – $38
Murielle & Olivier Wasem – $24

Donations are not tax deductible or refundable and are a contribution to The Wellness Universe. Thank you.