What Are Your Akashic Records?

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Using the Akashic Records in life coaching situations helps to provide healing energy to the relationship and situation.

What are your Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a record of every soul’s previous lifetimes, whether on this planet or another. They are like an encyclopedia of where you have lived, previous soul connections, what you did in these lifetimes and to whom, what lessons you have previously learned, plus, they can provide reasons why you are experiencing certain people and situations in this lifetime. The Akashic records can help us understand our soul journey in this lifetime, our life purpose and provide insights into fulfilling them, as well as, helping us heal and grow.

The records are in Spirit, existing within no time or space. They cannot predict the future, as they are a record of the past. Every word, action, thought and feeling ever expressed in the past and in past lives are recorded on your individual soul record. Because they exist in no time and space, they are, also, all lifetimes at the same time. Due to this, they are like viewing past lifetimes in “real time” or as if it’s happening in your current understanding of now. It is a simultaneous multi-dimensional existence of all your lives happening right now. Since endless possibilities exist within the Divine, and the Akashic is of the Divine, if you were to ask a future based question, the answer would always be yes.

For example, if you asked if you would marry your current boyfriend, the answer would be yes. If you were to ask if you would not marry your current boyfriend, the answer would be yes. This defines our individual Divine infinite potential to access any possibility. It reflects our soul’s innate power and ability to manifest our dream’s desires, as we are also of the Divine.

The Akashic Records have Lords, Masters and Spirit Keepers who work with your angels and spirit guides when accessing them. Think of these Lords and Keepers as running the ultimate Library, both incredibly wise and all knowing. When I access them, I always see a Judge-like Lord, similar to the Justice Tarot card, keeping balance by providing the information you need with justice for all. At times, you will not be given an answer to a question you may have, which is for your best interests at the time.

You may not be ready to work on a particular lesson, or haven’t learned a previous lesson, which will help you in a certain aspect. Therefore, it is important to have a list of questions to ask the Lords and Masters to ensure you are able to obtain the information which will assist and guide you in a particular situation, relationship or time. It is important to note, you are not able to access other people’s records without their permission. When I provide Akashic Record readings, therefore, the client must give me permission, plus their current full name, for instance, a birth name. But, if someone has legally changed their name, it is the new one used.

I have found the records are also an extremely healing space. When I combine Reiki and the Akashic Records, a deeper, more powerful healing energy can be sent to the client from Spirit. Using the Akashic Records in life coaching situations helps to provide healing energy to the relationship and situation. It is still up to the individual to do the work, but with this energy, it lightens the experience of working through the situation.

For example, I did an Akashic Record reading with a friend, and simply discussed the issues I had with a particular person. The next time I spoke to this person, those issues no longer existed. I wasn’t as frustrated by them and the person was no longer expressing them in the same way. Even though we couldn’t access the other person’s records, as it is against Universal laws, because we had a past soul connection, the healing energy flowed also to that person. It turned out this person was a very manipulative and controlling mother of mine in a former life, which was completely in line with the behaviors I was experiencing. And, now, this relationship is much better.

Accessing your records by asking questions or simply using the open space to discuss issues can be a very helpful and healing experience, one which, I highly recommend to help learn life lessons, awaken and transform your self in amazing ways.