When You Feel Alone in Your Beliefs

When You Feel Alone in Your Beliefs by Trilby Johnson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Beliefs

Our personal belief systems are comprised of a myriad of diverse beliefs which help us navigate our lives. Here I focus, in particular, on spiritual beliefs due to their deeply personal yet paradoxical public nature.

The spiritual relationship, by its very nature, is solitary and deeply personal; where each individual is called to find the meaning of life for themselves. The importance of the beliefs around this relationship is evidenced throughout history and through the pivotal role that religion has held. Still today, war is waged in the name of religion and spiritual salvation is used as the trump card.

In Western society, freedom to choose your spiritual beliefs is relatively recent. Yet, the desire to belong and be a part of something is very strong for most humans. When this sense of connection is under threat or lacking – especially with regards to spirituality – you can feel alone and vulnerable.

There are many diverse spiritual beliefs and groups. This can often make it seem even more challenging to find and connect with those who have similar spiritual beliefs and who share and express the same values. Making assumptions about how people with spiritual beliefs behave can also result in disillusion.

A part of being different is celebrating the diverse qualities and talents that make us an individual. As with any situation in life, I believe how we will experience anything comes down to attitude. So, if you are feeling alone in your spiritual beliefs, here are some suggestions:

  1. Change your Perspective

If you are feeling that being alone is something negative, then it’s very important to question the quality, viability, and source of your spiritual beliefs. The very essence of having a spiritual relationship is meant to connect you more closely with your divine nature – with yourself. If this sense of connection is lacking, then it’s important to dig deeper. Take a look at the content of your beliefs – ask yourself if they are preventing you from enjoying your life and divine nature more? Be honest.

  1. Fish out the False Beliefs

One of the primary reasons you may be feeling unfulfilled and alone when it comes to your spiritual beliefs, in my opinion, lies hidden within the misleading information we have all been fed for eons about our origins and divine nature. This can show up in feelings like ‘there’s something wrong with me’ or ‘I must be from another planet because I don’t fit in anywhere’. I believe these feelings are linked to what I call ‘the myth of separation’. Belief in this myth, whether conscious or unconscious, has left a huge scar in the human psyche. This lie has dealt a huge blow to us as a race, especially in western culture. I offer an in-depth look at the spiritual intricacies of this myth and how it leads to an unhealthy sense of being alone in my book “FEARLESSLY ALONE – Stop The Lonely Crisis And Find Your Happy.”

In our current evolutionary pattern, for true soul/spiritual healing to occur, resolving this false belief around alone appearing to be a necessary right of spiritual passage. If you are ready to fully experience the sacred relationship of your divine nature – however that may look to you – then the feeling of unhappily alone is an indication that your spiritual beliefs need upgrading to support, not diminish you.

  1. Find a Spiritual Teacher

Look for a spiritual teacher who can help you uncover any limiting beliefs and install new supportive ones. One of the important things to realize when feeling alone is that it is an act of self-love to ask for help. You are not meant to do it all on your own! The Universe is abundant and brimming with life-force energy. There is no way that this excludes you. Only you exclude you. Is that perhaps what makes you feel alone? Reach out your hand and ask for help to transform your body-mind-soul connection.

  1. Reframe the game

Reframe how you look at feeling alone. What if, instead of it being something negative, feeling alone means you are on your way?! You have broken free of the conventional dogma that restricts so many. Simply stop judging yourself. When you follow your own intuitive guidance and inner authority faithfully, you gain confidence and comfortably make the right choices for you.

When it comes to beliefs, choose those that lift you up where you belong. Choose to be a Spiritual Warrior who stands strong and firm and All-One.

– Trilby