10 Botanical Remedies that Soothe and Heal

10 Botanical Remedies that Soothe and Heal by Rachel Frederick #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Botanical

10 Botanical Remedies that Soothe and Heal by Rachel Frederick #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Botanical

When I was a child it didn’t seem weird to grow mushrooms on our kitchen counter for stomach-calming tea.

I didn’t realize people used anything other than witch hazel as a face wash before bed. Aloe plants lined our window sills and we had a (top secret!) ginseng patch in our woods that was going to pay my college tuition someday.

While the ginseng patch profit plan never really worked out, many of these naturally-grown, botanical remedies did. I’m grateful that my parents instilled the value of using natural, straight-from-the-earth products for everyday ailments. Shared below, are a few remedies that are tried and tested with great benefits, for a wide variety of applications.

Here are 10 Botanical Remedies that Soothe and Heal:

  1. Witch Hazel –

This North American native shrub is used as a facial astringent to tighten and tone skin. Most often it is used to fight acne or reduce hemorrhoids.

  1. Cat’s Claw –

This Amazon vine is known for repairing skin by stimulating collagen production. Historically cat’s claw has been used in South America to treat intestinal issues and recent studies show it may also drastically reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

  1. Tamanu Oil –

Found in Hawaii, Micronesia, and Tahiti, the oil extracted from the tamanu tree has been called, “the single most beneficial skin-healing agent, period” by ethnobotanist Chris Kilham.

  1. St John’s Wort –

If you’re looking for an herbal remedy to reduce mild to moderate depression, St John’s wort could be your solution. There is also some evidence that St John’s wort reduces the urge to smoke cigarettes.

  1. Cranberry –

Cranberry juice and extracts contain antioxidants widely used for the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections. There is accumulating evidence that cranberries may reduce cardiovascular disease.

  1. Ginkgo –

This root had its marketing heyday a few years back when it started to appear as an herbal supplement for improving memory and cognitive functions.

  1. Echinacea –

This Native American remedy is known for treating the symptoms of colds, the flu, and other respiratory issues. Additional studies are underway to explore Echinacea as a cancer-prevention remedy.

  1. Ginseng –

The popularity of this Chinese root grew exponentially in the 90’s but has since died down, possibly because of the lack of overall evidence of total-body benefit. Shown to increase energy, improve physical and mental stamina, and enhance immune response, the jury seems to still be out on this miracle root.

  1. Turmeric –

Most recently touted as the most effective nutritional supplement in existence, Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory, contains high amounts of vitamin C, soothes the digestive system, and improves the functionality of muscles, joints, and skin regeneration. Not only that but it’s said to be a fantastic anti-aging remedy.

  1. Reishi –

This Chinese mushroom is often used before and after cancer treatments to help rebuild the immune system. It’s also known for lowering cholesterol.

Please Note: While many in-depth studies have been done on each of these holistic remedies, and hundreds of other remedies not listed, there are side effects and limitations for anything you put in or on your body. The information given is not intended as medical advice, so please consult your doctor before trying anything new.

That said, if you have stories of how your life has been improved with natural herbal supplements or botanical remedies, we’d love to hear them! Please leave a comment below so we can all live a healthier, more comfortable, natural life.

– Rachel

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