10 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve by Rosanne Orlando #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NewYearsEve

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve by Rosanne Orlando #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NewYear'sEve

I’ve always been the type of person that has to have something to do.

I distinctly remember as a child having a book titled, 100 things to do when you have nothing to do. Sometimes I would pull it out and think, “ugh these aren’t fun or interesting.” Well the problem was, those things just weren’t what I needed (at that time). Perhaps I needed some cuddles, some downtime, some relationship time, whatever.

I would often hear “would you relax?” or “what do you do to relax?” The latter was a question posed by my therapist. I had a hard time answering it. Today, I have a lot of great responses to that question, AND I do them regularly, but I would imagine this experience is super common.

That said, this list I’ve shared below includes things for the “go-go-go” person, as well as, ideas for those who are ready to relax.

Let me take a moment to say that whatever you choose is so perfect for you right now. I’d fully suggest taking a couple of minutes to tune into what’s going on with your body, your mind, your needs, regardless of the parties you’re invited to or the traditional family events. Tune into you and make an empowered decision. Some may not like your choice, but let me tell you, they will appreciate it when you show up as a fuller you. And that is a whole other topic for another article.

Another enlightening moment with wise words from my therapist: I was talking about how the New Year time is such a great time to evaluate and re-consider my goals. Sure, it certainly is, but my therapist posed the question “What? So just because it’s a new year you have to have everything figured out?” A small nuanced difference in mindset, but it jolted me out of my thinking. It’s silly, isn’t it?

So, shared below are things you can consider doing for New Year’s Eve but also anytime throughout the year. To get your creative juices flowing, I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve done personally on New Year’s Eve here in NYC. Feel free to explore your hometown.

Here are 10 Fun Things to Do  New Year’s Eve:

  1. Consider Doing Something that Scares You.

One year, I joined a public speaking group, Toastmasters International, simply because I wanted to become a better public speaker. People usually ask me, “by choice?” It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Not only is it super cost effective, but they’re also an international nonprofit. You can go really far with it, or you can just use it as part of your own self-development. It taught me so much and positively affected both my professional and my personal life. I even made some cool friends! I highly recommend you check out their site for a group near you. Hey, maybe I’ll go back! (1)

  1. Emily Fletcher’s New Year’s Meditation.

Check out Finish Strong, Start Stronger. I’ve had the opportunity to meet her in New York, and not only does she have an awe-inspiring story, but she’s also vibrant, fun, and lighthearted. All things I’d like to always be, how about you? Or, if you’re not into the guided meditation thing, use pictures to help jog your memory of how the year went. Scroll through your Instagram page maybe? Then, just write! Contemplative writing is the name of the game here. (2)

  1. Do Something Adventurous.

Some fun suggestions (some of which are on my to-do list) Indoor or outdoor skydiving, bungee jumping, trapeze, some new funky dance class, belly dancing, perhaps?

  1. Visit the Big Apple for the Ball Drop.

Bundle up and be prepared to wait a while in the cold. Try not to drink too much because if you have to leave your spot to use the bathroom, you won’t be allowed back in.

  1. Create A Photo Calendar.

Use pictures from notable moments, new things you did, and accomplishments you’ve had. Perhaps, take it one step further and create a vision board for 2019?

  1. Have A Daycation or A Staycation.

Here are some of my favorites: Hunter mountain has a zip line tour, NYC has an interactive spy museum. My husband and I like to go somewhere off-season because it’s less expensive and less crowded.  One of our favorites is Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor. You can also go out dancing, to a dueling piano bar, and a mixology class. If those ideas do not interest you, you can plan a vacation to give you something to look forward to (even if you can’t afford it currently). It’ll make you want to save up and get your finances in order.

  1. Go Out on A Local Date Night.

Date night does not have to be limited to only a date with your spouse. Make it a night with friends, family, or even just yourself! A few fun ideas I’d suggest are some sort of arcade, game, bowling venue (Round1, Bowlmor, Dave and Busters). Maybe you’ll even bust a fear of heights with indoor rock climbing!

  1. Check out Somewhere Famous.

There are tons of places featured on the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Big Daddy’s Diner in Union Square, NY is one of my favorites. (3)

  1. Go to a Speakeasy-Style Bar

Go to a Speakeasy-Style Bar and dress up like you’re ringing in the 1920’s! There’s one in NYC that is a great option. They have Las Vegas and Los Angeles locations too! Do an online search to see what is available in your area. (4)

  1. Go Clubbing!

If you’re in the tri-state area, check out Slopes Hotel and Nightclub located on Hunter Mountain. DJ Doug O’mara is one of my best friends, and he’ll be spinning that night! (5)

Whatever you end up doing this New Year’s Eve, have a fabulous time ringing in 2019!

Do you have any New Year’s Eve ideas that did not get mentioned above? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

All the best, as we move forward together.

– Rosanne


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