10 Steps – Know if it’s Ego or Intuition Guiding You

Ego vs Intuition

Have you ever wondered if your gut feeling is right? There is a big difference between your intuition (your gut, your still small voice) and your Ego. In this new series I will try to explain the differences and how to distinguish between the two. So you will get a clearer understanding of what you are hearing and how to tell which one you should listen too.


Learning to recognize the differences between Ego and Intuition can take a lot of practice for some, others it just may come naturally because they are more so ‘in-tune’ with themselves. Genuine Intuition is based on Love, where Ego is based on fear. Ego focuses on outside forces and requires external results…ie…money, success, and status. Whereas Intuition will not push you to seek happiness from somewhere other than inside yourself. Everything that has ever happened to us, from the beginning of our soul’s existence ~ both good and bad ~ has stemmed from the use of our FREE WILL and these memories are stored within our souls, including wounds and fears from the sometimes traumatic times in our lives. These life experiences have created belief systems, subconscious programs (feelings, thoughts and emotions held over a long period of time), this is where our Ego is created, to protect us so to speak, from letting these things happen again.


With Intuition you get a complete sense of knowing….a complete sense of feeling whole. Ego will rationalize to figure out a solution and will leave you feeling unsure and wondering. Ego loves to build us up and then tear us down. If you ever hear a ‘but’ in your thinking, that is Ego poking it’s ugly head in and causing fear. Ego is always working from the illusions of the past or the future…..it is NEVER in the NOW moment. When it is your Intuition there will be no ‘buts’ and you will not need any clarification.


Usually if we get turned around in our thinking it is because we have allowed Ego to come in and make us second guess our thoughts. Remember Ego is ‘fear’ based and Intuition is pure. Ego will need to justify through logic and you will end up having a debate in your head. Intuition comes from the heart. You will feel joy and will not need any justification and there will be no fear. And usually if you debate with Intuition you will get the same answer over and over with no ‘buts’ or ‘what-ifs’.


An example of Intuition vs Ego…

~Intuition guides you to help others.

~Ego will take that and urge you to do it so you get notoriety.

~Intuition will guide you to forgive

~Ego just wants revenge.

Can you see the difference between the two. When you heed your Intuition you create inner peace, and Love. When you heed your Ego, you create fear and the need for more control.


Ego gets stuck in the past; it can’t let go…it will use your past to project your future. Ego shows obstacles and never a solution. Always a projection of judgment, blame, & criticism towards yourself and others. Intuition is direct and calm it will never promote fear. Intuition will make you feel peaceful and confident. Ego and Intuition can go hand in hand…your Ego can give you the drive that you need in life and Intuition will guide you with no judgments.


Intuition is repetitive and will say the same thing over and over…because it is true. Ego will be all over the place and confusing, and can make you feel angry. You may even end up in an argument with yourself…that is because your Intuition and Ego are colliding with each other. Ego will try and interrupt your Intuition and that is because Ego doesn’t like change. Ego is here for a reason and that is protect our physical being. So Ego is good…to a degree.


Here are a few ways to know that we are hearing and listening to our Intuition and not Ego.

1. If you feel a certain feeling over and over and it never changes.

2. If your feeling is still very strong after sleeping on it.

3. If you don’t get immediate gratification from it.

4. If you have a sense of relief, peace and calm after having done what Intuition said.

Intuition can be an oasis of peace in the midst of chaos. It can bring harmony and release negativity.


When you follow your Intuition you will feel calm, strong and tension free. There is always strength and clarity. A lot of times we just disregard Intuition because it talks in a quiet voice (your still small voice) it never shouts. We just have so much going on in our daily lives that it can be drowned out by chaos. This is where learning to silence yourself and meditating can be very important…it is learning to quiet the mind enough to listen to your inner voice, your Intuition.


When you think of intuition and Ego…picture two images of yourself one sitting on each shoulder. One is whispering “You’re gonna fail” or “what makes you think you’re so special” and the other one is whispering “You can do this” or “you have the power with in you”. Can you tell the difference- Ego is shouting “you’re gonna fail” (fear based) and Intuition is calming and building you up. Intuition is here for us to help guides us in the moment, to help us make decisions in our lives that will create a positive impact. Ego is here to protect us from failure and embarrassment. You may think that Ego has your best interest at heart but, that isn’t always so. Ego does serve a purpose. Let me give you a scenario…You have Intuition, Ego and Logic…You are in a parking lot getting ready to leave, you notice a person staring at you, you make eye contact and they smile. Your Ego might say..”Why would he/she be interested in me?”, your Logic might say.. “This person might be dangerous” and then your Intuition might say.. “Danger, avoid this person” If you get agreement from all of your voices you need to listen and follow them. This is a situation where Ego and Intuition go hand in hand.


Getting to know and understand the voices in your head can help you maintain and manage your life in a positive way. Ego is invested in maintaining an image you have of yourself…to yourself and to others, this can be both good and bad. Ego can be very judgmental, almost to the point of being abusive to yourself. Low self-esteem can stem from a harsh Ego. But, Ego can also keep you from allowing someone to continue to be disrespectful to you. Intuition is invested in keeping you on the right path in life. To keep you Loving and respecting yourself and others. While giving you information to keep you safe along your journey in life. Your intuition can sometimes be described as “common sense”…Intuition is that wiser voice, the wiser part of ourselves that “just knows things” Learning to calm yourself and meditate are wonderful ways to learn to listen to your Intuition, Meditation teaches you to quiet yourself so that you can hear…Learning ways to listen to your inner voice, your still small voice, will help guide you through life.


In closing remember this…

Ego is logical—Intuition is creative.

Ego is fear based—Intuition is based on Love.

Ego is harsh—Intuition is calm.

Ego protects a mental image—Intuition protects your soul’s journey.

Ego will jump around—intuition is consistent.