10 Super Tips to Look and Feel Younger

10 Super Tips to Look and Feel Younger by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju


Do these scenarios sound familiar:

You walk past people on a busy road and people quickly turn around to take a glance at you. Or your friend introduces you to a blind date, and they pass the comment, “Wow, you look younger than I thought you would! I guess I made the right choice!” Thoughts are rushing through your mind, “they have no idea I’m in my (enter your age decade here).” OOPS!

It’s a lovely Oops! And you probably look and feel younger already!

Here’s how you can achieve that too, with 10 Super Tips to Look and Feel Younger:

  1. Smile with Every Mile.

Is there anything as simple as a smile, I doubt that, yet a smile on the face is a pleasant way of keeping yourself looking younger and attractive to others around you.  A frown allows the eyebrows draw close together causing a wrinkle on the forehead, I’m sure you know wrinkles make you look older so let go of the frowns and live it up with a smile.

When you smile, even the most hurting feelings will fade off over time.

  1. Play Like a Child.

The fact that you have left your childhood days for years doesn’t mean you have to let that job, career and busy life steal away your life. Overworking your mind and body will eventually cause you to age faster than you can imagine. Once in a week, get some friends together, play some hide and seek games, paint ball, laugh out loud as you forget been an adult, roll on the sand in the beach.

With these practices, you begin to feel younger, knowing your body and mind has that child deep within. Remember, whatever happens in the mind reflects on the outside.

  1. Eat Healthy Meals.

You definitely can’t leave out the fact that whatever goes into the body will give glaring evidence on what you and others see on the outside. So, it’s paramount that you eat healthy meals daily. Having a structured diet that is rich in essential nutrients and in the appropriate proportion will play a major role in keeping your body looking younger. Trace elements which can be found in nuts, fruits and vegetables will also help slow down the aging process, thereby stimulating new cells for a younger look.

Get rid of eating junk foods which cause the body to look flabby, overwork during digestion causing wear out and stay on the path of foods rich in antioxidants for a younger and fresher you. Make it happen, because you can!

  1. Exercise Like You Were Born to do it!

Exercise is a miracle drug for looking and feeling younger, when you engage in even the smallest of planned physical over a long period of time, your body generates new cells, the nervous system is kept healthy, sharp and responsive to the appropriate stimuli and psychologically, you feel great that you can always do what you did years ago thereby feeling younger with each moment.

Your body’s system is rejuvenated, and you glow after a great workout. Plan your workout today for each day or at least 150 minutes per week!

  1. Relax into what Is!

I’d say, I learnt this in my yoga class, I had always heard it, but it meant nothing to me. However, relaxing with what is in the present will save your body and mind the stress of overreacting to situations which gives rise to worry that make you 10 times older than your actual age.

Learn to live in the moment, think positive thoughts, go for breathing classes which will enhance your oxygen circulation strengthening the cells of the body that are newly generated to keep you looking younger.

  1. Dress up for Every Outing

Your appearance is very important and it’s first thing people will notice about you. Your clothing and fashion sense can either make you look older or younger and this goes for both sexes. Dressing decently and smartly will give you and edge with your age.

Try out some smart new collections with lovely colours and watch how you change your age dramatically.

  1. Avoid Ultraviolet Rays

The ultraviolet sunrays can be very tempting after a long cold season. But beware, the harsh rays of the sun can damage the skin and cause your body to look aged before time.

If you choose to stay out in the sun, use the appropriate sun screen and protection. Don’t get burned up!

  1. Ladies! There’s Nothing Wrong with a Little Makeup

Perhaps you aren’t a makeup person or maybe you are, just a slight makeup to give you some colour and shade can make you look younger. For the men, a well-shaven beard, trimmed neckline, and hairdo can transform you in a blink of an eye.

Try that new look and let me know who paid you a compliment today!

  1. Go-to Beauty Product? Moisturize Daily

Use an appropriate moisturizer for your skin daily, a good bath with show gels that are infused with minerals can enhance the glow on your skin.

Body lotions rich in natural minerals will leave your skin supple, fresh and younger.

  1. Meditate

Getting acquainted with meditation can give you an edge. This is gives you the opportunity to reflect, get rid of negativity and establish yourself in something new each day. A few minutes in a quiet seated posture can open your mind to a whole new you, bringing you a younger feeling as you live in each moment.

It’s not such a difficult task, you just have to make up your mind and build a steady regime to remain in your sweet-16 days. Well at least among your peers, and I’m sure can you agree.

Welcome to a super new, younger, you!

– Amanda

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