10 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

10 Surprising Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight by Victoria Shaw #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WeightLoss #LoseWeight #Weight

10 Surprising Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight by Victoria Shaw #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WeightLoss #LoseWeight #Weight

If you have ever felt the need to lose weight, you have probably read more than your share of books, blogs, and articles about diet and weight loss, and you may have found that nothing has worked.

This is not because you are lazy. It is because most approaches to weight loss do not address the core issues that perpetuate our weight and body image issues. In fact, much of what passes as diet and exercise advice can actually exacerbate these issues. Until you heal the core issues, weight loss may remain a challenge. There are some core issues that may be challenging your weight loss, and we’ll discuss a few below.

Here Are 10 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight:

  1. You’re an Intuitive Empath.

Empaths are super sensitive, highly compassionate individuals who take on the feelings and pains of the people around them. When managed correctly, intuitive empathy can be a tremendous gift. But many empaths can become overwhelmed by the onslaught of pains and emotions that they are absorbing from others and may overeat in an attempt to buffer themselves. Empaths need to learn to set strong energetic and emotional boundaries and learn to discern what is yours from what you may be taking on from others.

  1. You’re in A Toxic Relationship.

Like empaths, individuals in toxic relationships often use eating and excess body weight to insulate themselves from the onslaught of toxic energies. Once you learn to set healthier boundaries or end these toxic relationships, you will find that the extra weight melts off effortlessly.

  1. You Have Not Learned to Quiet Your Mind.

Your mind can be your greatest gift or your worst enemy. For most of us it serves as the latter, inundating us with constant chatter and misinformation and muddying the call of our true inner guidance. Thoughts can also amplify and confuse our honest, emotional signals, keeping us stuck in a pattern of grief and pain. Learning to still your mind through mindfulness exercises and meditation can help you tune into your intuition, break free of dysfunctional thought patterns, and manage your emotions.

  1. You Don’t Make Enough Time for Yourself.

In our fast-paced world, it can be hard to slow down, savor your experiences, and carve out quality time for yourself. For many, meal times are the only time to “feed themselves” and food becomes the substitute for everything that may seem to be lacking in their lives. Take the time to slow down, not just when you eat (rushing through meals is tough on your body and your digestion) but at other times in life. Take time to relax, let go, and do what makes your heart sing.

  1. You Are Still Learning to Listen to Your Body.

There are so much dogma and misinformation about what is the healthy and appropriate way to treat your body. All bodies are different and our needs shift and change from moment-to-moment. Your body has an innate wisdom that tells you what is best for it. When you get in the habit of listening to your deepest self, you start making choices that are uniquely right for you and you learn to let the rest go.

  1. You’re Not Addressing Your Deeper Needs.

When you don’t take the time to attend to your own wants and needs they don’t go away, they just go underground and become more sneaky and persistent. For many, overeating is a way to compensate for suppressed needs, desires and emotions. By making time for yourself up front, you may find less of a need to compensate later on by overeating or making unhelpful dietary choices.

  1. You Haven’t Learned How to Eat Intuitively.

So many vacillate between eating the foods we think we “should” eat and those that satisfy emotional cravings. At the end of the day, you may find that neither option is entirely satisfying. Eating intuitively means tuning into your body and listening to what it really needs. Sometimes that is broccoli and other times it’s a hug or a walk on the beach. Even “comfort foods” like cookies and ice cream can be healthy when that is what your soul truly craves.

  1. You’re Too Hard on Yourself.

Do you beat yourself up for overeating, eating the wrong foods, or not achieving your ideal body size? Please stop! This toxic cycle of shame and self-criticism will create an endless cycle where you eat to numb these painful feelings and then shame yourself for eating. Learning to treat yourself with love and kindness will go a long way towards healing your poor relationship with your body, not to mention many other aspects of your life.

  1. You Have an Unresolved History of Physical, Sexual and/or Emotional Abuse.

Research shows a strong link between a history of abuse and eating disorders, weight and body image issues. Experiences with abuse, especially in childhood, can weaken our energetic boundaries and create an ambivalent relationship with our physical forms. Addressing these deeper wounds through psychotherapy or other healing modalities can help them to heal once and for all.

  1. You Are Working on Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.

Being overweight in our weight-obsessed society is an amazing opportunity to work on developing your deepest sense of self-worth. You are not the number on the scale. You are not the size or shape of your physical body. You are a spiritual being, a beautiful and sparkling, manifestation of the divine, wearing this physical shell, temporarily for your own learning and growth.

Know that you are perfect and beautiful and lovable just the way you are. No alterations are needed.

– Victoria

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