10 Things I Know for Sure

10 Things I Know For Sure…

  1. I AM Enough

Too many times we get stuck feeling unworthy when something wonderful happens. Have you ever had that moment when something truly amazing happens and you question why it happened to You? Maybe you have a really big dream, but you doubt that it will ever happen to you because you are not good enough, not smart enough or not talented enough. Maybe someone says something that stings and hurts your feelings and it makes you feel unworthy of anything; because if they think that way, well then it must be true.  Take a moment and dig deep within and feel who you are, you are a beautiful creation of Love, you were born Enough, the moment of conception you were worthy…just by the shear grace of Love.

YOU ARE ENOUGH and I AM ENOUGH…Always! Believe it!

  1. We never stop learning

Around every corner in life is the opportunity to learn. You only need to pay attention, look for the lessons and see them as something positive.   Each and every challenge/issue/struggle lies within it a seed toward growth that would not have existed otherwise. Be open to receive. We are constantly learning from others, our surrounding and ourselves. Our mind is active 100% of the time, continually processing information. Interesting fact: Did you know that every time you learn something new your brain grows a new cell? Just think if we really paid attention to the little details how much we would learn and know. Amazing!

  1. Faith is believing the unseen

You don’t have to see something to know that it exists. You only have to feel it…deep within your heart and your soul. You can’t see Love yet you know that it exists simply because you have felt it, the same is true with Faith, it is simply believing what you can’t see, but yet you feel and still believe it anyway. And what a feeling it is. Embrace that, feel it, see it and hear it.

  1. True Love can cure any hurt

Love is the most powerful emotion of all. True unconditional Love is a love like no other; it can mend a broken heart and help mend a relationship. A Love that is true from the heart can give hope, peace and understanding. True Love is nonjudgmental.  To gift someone with your Love is the purest gift of all.

  1. Forgiveness is a must in Life

Forgiveness is an essential part of growth in life. It is one of the many keys to peace. You need to forgive, but, not for him, not for her & not for them…but for You, because You deserve to be free of the burden. When you forgive you set yourself free, you release yourself from the captivity of resentment and anger and you allow peace to flow.

  1. Religion needs Spirituality but Spirituality does not need religion

Religion needs Spirituality in order to work; it is fact based and focuses on the spiritual aspects of the religion itself, its belief system. Religion needs a church. Religion is ‘being’

Spirituality is heart based; it is something that is felt and believed…it is also faith based. Spirituality is ‘believing’

Spirituality does not need a specific church, the church can be found in the heart…it is where the person goes to speak, pray or feel their higher power.

  1. We are all searching for something

We all get lost at times.  We are each struggling with something and we are all searching for Love, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, happiness and peace. We are searching to just simply find our way in Life. We aren’t all that different…you and I.

  1. Change your thoughts. Change your Life

We will never be able to lead a positive life if we keep letting our mind think negatively. If you want your world around to change you need to begin with the mind and the way you allow yourself to think about the things that happen in life. We are made up of energy, the more you think negatively the more negative you will attract into your life, the same in reverse, if you are constantly thinking optimistically and lovingly, you will attract the same back to you. Change the way you perceive things and watch your world around you begin to change.

  1. The answers we seek can be found within ourselves

We’ve all been given guidance; it is called intuition, your still small voice.  All you need to do is listen, all the answers you seek can be found within if you just quiet yourself enough to hear and then follow through, don’t just ignore it or think it isn’t right. Be still, breathe and go within, you know the answers, they are there just waiting for you to hear them.

  1. You can feel however you choose.

You have the innate ability to change your thoughts as well as how you feel.  You can choose to let a bad day get you down or you can choose to feel grateful for your life and just be happy. You can take a negative feeling and think of something positive and turn that bad feeling into something grand. So now you know you can feel any way that you choose…choose to feel wonderful, happy, thankful, peaceful and joyful. Take a deep breath and just feel it!

10 simple but very empowering things I know for sure, that make my life more enriched, fulfilled and peaceful. I hope you will find them as empowering and hope that they will make your life feel the same.