10 Things to Quit in 2016

10 Things To Quit In 2016 By Kim Bayne #TheWellnessUniverse #BlogOfTheDay #CoreBlogger #KimBayne #WUVIP #10ThingsToQuitIn2016

What changes are looking to making in your life? Are you looking to make 2016 the best year ever? Here are 10 very important things that you should quit doing to yourself.

There is going to be some tough Love here, some of these may seem harsh and hard to swallow. But, this may be just what you need to hear.

1. Stop spending time with people who suck the happiness right out of you!

How many friends or unfortunately even family members do you have that are complete and total life suckers? When they walk in the room they just suck the life right out of it. As hard as it may be, avoid these people. They are emotional vampires and will drain every ounce of happiness out of you. I realize that it may be difficult in some situations to completely avoid these people, but if you are on a quest to better your life and be more positive, upbeat and happier you mustn’t allow their energy to infiltrate your happiness. Stop putting yourself in situations where you constantly have to be around them. Send them Love and be on your way.

2. Stop avoiding your problems!

If you have issues that you are avoiding, trust me they will not go away. Take responsibility and meet those issues head on. Do what you can do, do not push them to the side and pretend they don’t exist. You can cause subconscious issues by not taking care of them, you may feel guilty and not understand why when in reality your conscious mind is trying to tell you that you aren’t taking on full control of your responsibilities. As soon as you take the proper care of them, you will feel a weight lifted.

3. Quit lying to yourself!

Stop the lies that you let yourself believe about yourself. Such as, you are not worthy, ‘in order to be happy I must have…’ ‘I will never be enough’. These lies that we let ourselves believe are shameful on our part. We are worthy, you are worthy and enough and you can make a conscious decision to be happy with what you have. We need to stop beating ourselves up over the things that aren’t true. ‘Be careful what you whisper to yourself in the quiet moments, you are listening. Only speak words of Power and Love.’

4. Stop putting yourself last

You deserve just as much Love and care as anyone and more. If you constantly put yourself last and do not take care of you…who will?! You need to take care of you first so you can take proper care of others. We have a habit of putting ourselves, our wants and needs on the back burner so that others can have and be taken care. Well you need to stop it, it is not selfish to take care of you first, it is necessary. So don’t be hard on yourself or beat yourself up if you take time for you…it is a good thing.

5. Stop complaining!

Complaining is useless. It won’t stop the things from happening that you are complaining about. Complaining only magnifies it, and you are creating negative energy … by complaining about it, you are attracting more of the same to you because you are constantly speaking of it and the Universe doesn’t know the difference, it only knows that you keep saying it over and over so you must want more. Plus most people don’t like to hear someone constantly complaining about everything.

6. Quit dwelling on the past!

What happens when you dwell and dwell on the past…you remain stuck there. You cannot move forward or grow, you are there reliving every single moment that you cannot change. ‘Why do you want to keep reliving the pain over and over? Wasn’t it bad enough the first time?’ I know that sometimes it seems easier just to stay in that place than to move forward, because moving on means that you release it and what has happened is alright, well no it doesn’t, not really it just means that you make a conscious decision to release it, move forward and live a more fulfilling life.

7. Stop looking at others to validate you!

Who was so hard on you and made you feel worthless that you feel the need to be validated by others? Of course, it is a wonderful thing to be recognized and thanked for a job well done, but be honest, is it really the validation from them that you seek or is it you are so down on yourself that you can’t even see how extraordinary you really are. Start accepting you. Use your ‘I Am’ statements and you won’t feel the need to be validated by others.

8. Stop worrying so much!

Just STOP IT! Does worrying help the situation? Does it make things easier? Come on be honest. No, it doesn’t. It only makes things harder. When you release, let go and have faith, all the things that are going on around you are just so much easier and you can breathe, because you aren’t creating that nasty negative energy that will attarct all the negativity right back at you. Remain calm, have faith, take a deep breath and just go with the flow…stop trying to fight everything.

9. Stop the negative talk!

All that negativity that has you so bogged down with will only continue as long as you continue to bring it to you. Negative attracts negative as does positive attract positive. Stop being so hard on yourself and quit using all that negative jargon. Has all that negativity worked for you in the past? NO? Didn’t think so, so why do you still continue to use it. How about trying stepping outside your box and doing something different, like using positive affirmations and believing that things will work out and loving and accepting yourself. What do you have to lose….you just might everything to gain.

10. Stop being ungrateful!

You have so much to be grateful for…Appreciate what you have, and stop being focusing on what you don’t have. ‘The more you are grateful, the more reasons you will be given to be grateful’ Every single morning that we open our eyes we are given the best gift…LIFE! If you can’t find one reason to be grateful, at least, be grateful that you are here on this planet to experience all the beauty that surrounds you. The two most powerful words ever  spoken, or thought … THANK YOU!

Make this year your best year ever!

Don’t be so hard on yourself and quit beating yourself up for things that you can’t change or fix. Take that deep breath, now begin to move forward…onward and upward. You CAN do IT! I have Faith in you!


– Kim