10 Tiny Tips to Help You Stay Organized

10 Tiny Tips to Help You Stay Organized by Kristen Battistelli #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #StayOrganized
Life can quickly get messy!

I joke that life is full-time maintenance, but there are several tricks of the organizational trade that I have learned over the years. Tricks to not only combat the mess, but also prevent it from happening in the first place. It just requires putting in place some very simple systems to keep your sanity!

10 Tiny Tips to Help You Stay Organized:

  1. Handle your physical mail every day.

Don’t let this pile up because, by the end of the week, you won’t want to look at it! Most of it is junk these days anyway so have a recycle bin close by to throw the junk mail into. Bonus points if you register yourself with various national “do not mail” lists if you’re getting a lot of catalogs or direct marketing mail.

  1. Have a running shopping list on your phone.

This is SO helpful. When you run out of something or realize you need to get a certain item, just add it to your list and get it out of your brain space. You can use the Notes feature on your phone. There are various task apps that are designed for family use so that the list is synced in real-time across family members. Game changer!

  1. Keep a running list of “ideas” on your phone.

In the same vein as the grocery list, when your creativity strikes, you have to jot those ideas down quickly before they’re gone. I do like to use paper, journals, etc., for this as well but later transcribe it to my electronic list so I can get rid of the paper and know that my ideas are out in the cloud somewhere for easy and centralized access later.

  1. Subscribe to a healthy meal delivery service.

Life is busy with work, kids, friends, family, and sometimes, healthy meal prep and planning goes out the window. Make your life easier by having healthy meal prep or prepared meals delivered to you on a weekly basis. Meal prep plans offer a nice way to have family time together, and teaches younger kids about fruits, veggies, and how to read recipes.

  1. Use Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” feature.

I love this service and have been using it since their beginning! You can save 15% if you order at least five items that are offered in this program. I order my regularly used items here and then manage the subscriptions on a monthly basis, it’s so easy! Perfect for larger families who need to buy in bulk, too.

  1. Use the “Text Replacement” feature on your phone.

How many times do you have to type out your email, address, and general response to someone? This is even worse if you have a long name like I do! I recently started using the Settings > Keyboard > Text Replacement feature on my phone to set up shortcuts for these often typed items, and it has honestly saved me so much frustration and time! Give it a try for anything you find yourself having to type and repeat over and over.

  1. Create a centralized online folder and photo management plan BEFORE going on vacation.

Thinking in advance about how you’re going to manage photos prior to going on a trip or vacation is a major stress reliever. You need a way to get pictures off your phone to free up space and memory to take more pictures (especially important if you’re traveling internationally and only have small pockets of WiFi time). If you’re in a group or with your family, divvy up who is going to take pictures at each event or spot on the itinerary. This lets everyone have a turn at being phone free and also alleviates having to go through and clean up duplicate pictures. And then at the end of the trip, voila, your photo album is pretty much done when you get home!

  1. Create a centralized mailing/postage bin.

If you sell things on Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, or just happen to need to send a lot of small packages out, it is so helpful to have your own centralized area for stamps, mailing labels, mailing tape, tissue paper, bubble wrap. You can also order free mailing supplies from USPS; and store your boxes and envelopes in this bin, too. So helpful to be able to package your items in the comfort of your home vs. the crowded post office. You can just jump right in line.

  1. Space out your three credit bureau annual checks over the year.

You check your credit each year, right? The three credit bureaus offer a free annual review of your account; schedule and space them out so you do one credit bureau check every four months so that way you have an eye on your accounts all year long.

  1. Institute a “stuff” rule in your household.

Put something in place like, “For every one new thing that comes into the house, one (or more) thing must go (donate, recycle, trash).” It helps you manage the volume of stuff and can also positively impact your shopping and impulse buying habits.

And that’s it!

If you institute even half of the above list, you’ll be so much more organized, but better yet, you’ll stay organized!

Try one thing at a time and see what works for you.

Happy organizing!

– Kristen

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