10 Tips for Being Awesome

10 Tips for Being Awesome by Kristen Battistelli #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Awesome

Life can be hard. Why not be awesome while trying to rock it?

I have learned a few tips that have helped me appreciate others, and I have integrated them as part of my own life’s rules that I strive to live by. I’ll share them with you, too!

Here are 10 Tips for Being Awesome:

  1. Eat, Move, Sleep Daily.

Do all three of these each day in the best way that you can (i.e. eat organic when you can, limit the sugar, aim for 8 hours sleep nightly, etc.) as your health is always priority #1. Respect yourself in this most basic way. And don’t smoke!!!

  1. Be Kind and Courteous.

Just be nice. Be the person that others want to be around and have on their team. That is powerful. A large part of this is also to just be a little more helpful, in general. I can’t believe how many people now no longer hold the door for the person behind them anymore. A little thing, yes, but it speaks volumes about a person’s character. Plus, it’s just plain rude.

  1. Be Open-Minded.

People who are close-minded miss out on so many new ideas, thoughts, connections, and friendships. And because they will attract people similar to themselves, they will inadvertently encourage group-think without any kind of diversity. How boring!

  1. Have a Sense of Humor About Yourself!

If a person can laugh at themselves, I immediately like them! There is a reason why the Jimmy Kimmel “Mean Tweets” segment is so popular; the funniest episodes are the ones where the actors or musicians genuinely burst out laughing or even better, add on to the insults in a self-deprecating way! We’re all human and just doing the best we can in life. Laugh about it.

  1. Be Responsible.

Respond to emails. Return phone calls. Make decisions quickly. Handle problems swiftly and quickly; don’t let things fester. Show up on time, early is better. Recycle. Just be an adult already. If you’re overwhelmed and cannot keep up, hire a part-time virtual or personal assistant to help. Or hire one of your kids and get them learning early about adulting which, yes, is indeed hard! Be mindful of how you come across to others when you are disorganized.

  1. Be Clean.

Shower. Wash your hands especially after going to a public bathroom; people DO watch for this because, eww. Throw garbage away, not on the ground. Wear deodorant. Don’t wear half a bottle of overpowering perfume or cologne, many people are allergic, you know. Don’t cut your nails on public transportation, yes, I’ve seen this happen. Don’t take your shoes off on airplanes, yes, I’ve smelled this happen. Just don’t be the person I wrote about in this paragraph.

  1. Speak Well of Others Even When They are Not Present.

I have noticed a really disturbing trend where people speak ill of others, gossip about them behind their backs. Or worse, mockingly make fun of them right in front of others and then everyone has to do that awkward “pretend laugh” and think it’s funny when it’s not. I see this happen in corporate environments and in personal and family relationships. Speaking unkindly of others makes YOU look bad and only serves to show a lack of leadership and maturity. Learning to speak well of others will increase your influence, your leadership, and positively affirm your own attitude toward that person over time, too. Leave the comedy to professional comedians.

  1. Learn to Say “No” More.

Successful people learn early in life to define their boundaries and how to positively say no to anything that will derail their plans to get to their life’s dreams. Many people have trouble with this one because they’re living a life by default and are too busy helping other people reach THEIR dreams instead of their own. Decide now if you want to lead a life by default or by design, then redefine your boundaries, as needed, and practice saying no. Hire a relationship coach, if necessary, to help as this is a critical life skill.

  1. No Excuses; Be Resourceful.

An awesome person doesn’t make excuses; they continuously learn about themselves to better understand their strengths and weaknesses and then work to be as capable as possible by being resourceful. Learn to think outside the box and challenge yourself to try to find solutions on your own first instead of just relying on others. Just figure it out. It’s very empowering! Besides, no one is remotely interested in excuses. No one.

  1. Celebrate other People’s Successes.

Don’t be that jealous, bitter person. Any time you hear about someone else having success, receiving money, getting a promotion, etc., get as excited as if it were happening to you! Sincerely congratulate them either directly if you know them or just in your head. Because HOW you react to other people’s news is everything and by doing so positively, you will attract similar success in your own life. It’s a little bit of the Law of Attraction but it works and is certainly a more enjoyable way to live, no? Besides, being bitter, jealous, and petty will just age you needlessly; I consider being positive and celebratory of others to be the cheapest form of anti-aging treatment yet!

On the surface, these tips to be awesome sound so simple but as we know, simple can be hard and require a lot of work. But just remember that 100% is easy, 99% is difficult.

So, plan to put forth some extra effort to go all out and be awesome, daily!

– Kristen

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