10 Tips for Loving Your Inner Goddess

10 Tips for Loving Your Inner Goddess by Jivana Kennedy #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #InnerGoddess

Before I unearth what has been revealed to me, as I try to uncover what the inner goddess in every woman needs most, I would like to say a few words about why this topic jumped out to me from The Wellness Universe’s August Blog Call.

As we are collectively barely emerging from 5,000 years of planetary patriarchal dominance, it can be challenging for many women to even consider that there is a goddess within herself.

I would like to say that whoever you are, whatever age you are, whatever you look like at this moment, there is most certainly a goddess within you. I say this because first and foremost, a goddess is a healer.

Whether a woman has given birth to her own children it is often in her heart and her spirit to love and protect all children, both young and grown.

In these past 5,000 years, the world has not been especially kind and generous to the feminine. And with the exception of the rare minority, women have struggled to know and love the more exalted aspects of the feminine that live deep within ourselves.

The #Metoo and ‘Times Up’ movements are shining a harsh and unflattering light on an ugly truth of what many of us have faced relative to our own sexuality. A place where logically in a more matriarchal climate, our most precious goddess-self might be realized. But this has not been the case.

So, how do we heal this within ourselves and for one another?

This is not a moment in which we can afford to play ostrich. All of the goddess-y accouterments of flowy clothes and sparkly jewelry will not mend the hearts and bodies that were broken.

Here are 10 Tips for Loving Your Inner Goddess:

  1. We Must be Able to Cry.

And I don’t mean just a few soft whimpers. I mean really, really cry. This may seem hard at first. The brave masks we’ve taken on when the world couldn’t see or honor our love and our radiance, have hurt us to our very core. We can’t afford to pretend that that isn’t the case anymore.

  1. We Must Insist on Safety for Ourselves and for One Another.

We are not here on this earth at this time to serve men, unless it is mutual and reciprocal.

  1. Attune to Your Body and to Your Sensuality.

Own it as your own. It belongs to no one else… unless it is in your highest good to share it. And then only by inspiration. Never by obligation.

  1. Consider Celibacy:

Either temporary or long-term, as a way to heal and discover more about yourself and let your body and your womb space be reclaimed for yourself. This is about rebalancing and self-love.

  1. Seek Out Water in All Forms.

Showers, baths, pools, oceans, and hot springs… the goddess in every woman loves and responds to water. It is one of our primary healers.

  1. Do Not Let the Media Trick You.

Do not be swayed by the media’s images of what a goddess is or should look like. Victoria’s Secret ads are usually airbrushed photos of teenage girls put on display to sell stuff to vulnerable and unsuspecting women who are systematically hypnotized to think that that is what a goddess is supposed to look like.

A goddess is not a siren. Don’t buy into that. It’s fine to have beautiful underthings. I love them, too. Just know that that does not a goddess make.

  1. Spend Time with Like-Minded Goddesses.

Spend time, lots of time, with other women who would like to nurture the inner goddess within themselves and support one another to do so. Be there for one another in every imaginable way. It counts for a lot.

  1. Engage in Authentic Truth Telling … Without Man-Bashing.

Try to remember that they were also unwitting victims of a level of unconsciousness that is only now coming up for clearing. Compassion for our collective human experience will take us much farther than vitriol and blame.

  1. Enjoy Time in Nature.

Immerse yourself in nature for as long and as often as possible.

  1. Help Heal Our Planet.

Support all efforts for a true and deep healing of our planet, as much as you can. Support ‘The Wellness Universe’ and the inspired vision of a universe predicated upon wellness.

It’s really our only way to reclaim our own inner goddess, and also the inner goddess that is at the very heart of this world.

– Jivana

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