10 Tips for Maintaining Happiness through Wellness

10 Tips for Maintaining Happiness through Wellness by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MaintainingHappiness

Did You Know that the Search for Happiness is Linked to Your Wellness?

Let’s take a long drive; we are going to search for happiness. Do we truly find it or does it lie within? Some people find happiness in what they do, how they do it and with whom they do it with, others simply feel, they can never be happy. Perhaps most people have never linked wellness to happiness but here’s something you might like to know. True wellness is largely determined by the decisions you make about how to live your life. So here you have it, no one except you has the key to your happiness, and the best way to find it is through the wellness that flows in you.

Let’s consider maintaining happiness by taking the lead on our wellness status with these 10 tips below:

  1. Admire your body:

Take a look at your body. Examine yourself, if you don’t like what you see, map out a plan to take action just like Anna did. Anna visits the dentist and her doctor twice a month. She constantly exercises, cooks, eats healthy, and recognises when her body is in danger of diseases. This gives her a sense of physical wellness that keeps her elated all day long. She’s happy as long as she’s satisfied with her physical body. Does your physical body make you happy?

  1. Go for it, be self-confident:

Being timid around a group of people isn’t necessarily a bad thing but when it takes a toll on everything you do, you become a slave to it, you are not able to get heard, you simply can’t express your opinions, then get frustrated and sad. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and free yourself from this emotional battle, tell yourself you can do this, just like Paul who finally overcame his fear of presentation at his board meeting. Paul decided that he needed help, so he visited a therapist, talked about his fears and how he felt. Barely two weeks after his visit, he made up his mind to go for it. After his presentation, there was a roar of applause and he felt a fog was lifted; he felt accepted and is always happy to present. Have you tried talking to someone about your timidity?

  1. Be open to new ideas:

Getting stuck in old ways may cause some lag in your intellectual development. Get ready to open your mind and create things you never thought you could create. People who innovate new things stay happier and motivated throughout life. With each new idea and execution, a new sense of achievement is found and the spring of happiness flows to you and those around you. Try that new idea today, who knows where it might lead you.

  1. Connect with God — Your beliefs will guide you:

There are times in life when it seems you almost cannot connect with people around you, yes! We all go through some difficult circumstances with issues that surround us. You feel lonely and lost but deep down, you begin to connect with your beliefs, nature, art, or even forgiving someone who hurt you badly. This causes a release from that invincible bond, knowing that a higher power, the strength of the universe, and your soul come into oneness giving you an outflow of happiness and satisfaction.

  1. Care for others around you:

Have you noticed that when you do for others, either helping someone cross the street, lending a hand at the shelter, paying for someone’s lunch, or encouraging others with words and hugs give you some sort of joy? Yes! Your social skills and communication with others around you can give you true happiness. Living in peace with one another gives happiness, I’m sure you agree.

  1. Stick closer to your family:

You may consider friends as family, but I’m talking about your real family. You have brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, grannies? Everyone does somewhere. Sometimes, we feel hurt by our family and this definitely affects our happiness. Doesn’t matter whether you are far or near, interpersonal relationships have the most effect on your happiness and bad blood can drive you to the grave. Don’t let it trap you; pick up the phone and make that call now!

  1. Have some love for your environment:

Showing love to your environment means you don’t litter, pollute or destroy the environment. Have you noticed how angry you become inhaling carbon monoxide from automobiles and how happy you are when you see the sunset? When the environment is in good shape, you will definitely feel the rush of happiness run through your veins. Gaze at the stars tonight, walk on the beach today, and take time to admire the lovely flowers you see. Your happiness awaits you.

  1. Be ready for change:

It is often said that the only constant thing in life is change, so my advice? Always be ready! Programming your mind for change ahead of a circumstance can make it really easy for you to quickly adapt to change. This ability to adjust will keep you happy about your emotional strength and you won’t feel suddenly depressed.

  1. Talk to yourself/Visualize:

Talking to yourself may seem crazy to some people but on the contrary, an average person who once in a while talks to himself or herself may discover new things hidden beneath their busy life. Visualize what you hope to achieve in life, find a quiet place to do this, dream for a moment and savour ways of emerging as a better human being. People, who do this, will connect with themselves and find they are capable of being happy.

  1. Find that special Model/Mentor:

Have you ever noticed how thrilled a child could be when she finds out that she can sing just like Beyonce? Yeah! It’s only natural to emulate a successful person with the hope of becoming successful, and when you do? Oh, what joy and happiness, you will hardly be able to contain yourself.

So here we are, on the continuum of wellness, constantly wrapping one layer around the other to reach that state of happiness. Yes we can, and yes we should, there’s happiness within, never give up on being happy, it’s yours.


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