10 Tips to Reignite Intimacy in Your Relationship

10 Tips to Reignite Intimacy in Your Relationship by Jivana Kennedy #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ReigniteIntimacy

Are relationship woes causing issues in your life? Are you and your partner struggling and you want to do something about it? Learn how to reignite intimacy in your relationship using the 10 tips shared in this article by WU World Changer Jivana Kennedy!

10 Tips to Reignite Intimacy in Your Relationship:

  1. Become More Curious about Your Beloved —

Relationships can become stagnant. People imagine after being together for a while, they know everything there is to know about their beloved. Being truly ‘awake’ in a relationship helps us realize that we’re all changing in subtle ways every day in response to our own inner and outer world. Become curious without being invasive, about these subtle changes.

  1. Set Aside A Special Time to be Together —

Set aside a time when there will be no distractions; The kids are looked after and your phones are turned off. Everything else, and I do mean everything, is on hold for a few hours, half a day, whatever time you can afford. But don’t be chintzy with this one. Your relationship needs this.

  1. Own A Massage Table —

I recommend this to all of my coupled clients. This can become your new hobby and part of what makes up your “Special Time” together. You don’t have to be a trained masseur or masseuse to make this a sensual pleasure. With gentle but honest feedback, this is essential, you’ll get more skilled in no time. I promise. And, if need be, there are a gazillion tutorials about how to do this on YouTube.

  1. Make an Obvious Sacrifice Once in A While for Your Intimate-Other —

Do this without reminding your significant other how big of a sacrifice it is. Trust me, they’ll notice. He likes to watch sports and you don’t. Do it anyway, and with enthusiasm, at least once in a while. She wants you to do the dishes, take out the trash, clean the garage, and remember to put the toilet seat down. Whatever it might be, do it without having to be asked. And try to never let it get to the point where one of you feels like you have to nag. People really don’t like to have to resort to this because it’s a real bummer in regards to intimacy.

  1. Stay Attuned to What is So Special About Your Partner —

It’s so darn easy to take one another for granted after you’ve been together for a while. I think this is one of the leading contributors to staleness in any relationship. Don’t overdo it though, or it will come across as phony and patronizing. Be authentic, but never miss an opportunity to notice the qualities that endeared you to them in the first place. Even if they’ve become more hidden over time and with familiarity. Noticing them is sure to coax them out again.

  1. What is Your Partner’s Unique “Love Language?” —

Be sure to share and let them know what yours is too. Everyone is really as different as snowflakes here. Some people will feel loved by presents, and others couldn’t care less. It’s very important to know what makes your partner feel special and appreciated. What about dressing up in something he or she really loves to see you wearing? Even if you wouldn’t dare leave the house (or the bedroom) in it. He or she really does want to please you and see your happy, smiling face when they’re around. Some people are better at figuring this out than others, so diplomatically telling your significant other what makes you feel loved and appreciated can really light up your life together.

  1. Bathe or Shower Together —

There’s nothing quite as yummy as sharing a steamy bubble bath with your partner. Polish his or her back with a loofah, or some lovely scented sea salt. Help each other shave the hard-to-get-to places. Play, splash, giggle. Let your inner child come along in the suds and bubbles with you. Having grown-up playtime together is so magical and romantic!

  1. Think About Ways to Amp-Up the Mood Factor —

Try to choose the special place where you’re most likely to be intimate. Keep the lighting subtle. Light candles and incense. Use an aromatherapy diffuser. And eliminate the electronics. Even the TV, if it is obviously interfering in your face-to-face or belly-to-belly time.

  1. Create A Future Vision That is Inspiring to Both of You —

Make sure it’s something that has a lot of juiciness for the both of you! A dream vacation, maybe. The perfect next home or even a project you’ll both love. Some relationship experts say the success of a relationship is not only in being connected with one another but in looking ahead in the same direction.

  1. Be Grateful and Feel Blessed —

Try to be aware that intimacy is a rare gift to be treasured. And that in this time of planetary upheaval and awakening a loving relationship can be a precious sanctuary and true source of deep healing and empowerment.

Be the Love that YOU ARE!

Do you have any tips not listed above that have helped you reignite intimacy in your relationship? Please share them with us!

– Jivana

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