10 Tips for Staying True to Yourself

10 Tips for Staying True to Yourself by Victoria Shaw #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TrueToYourself

10 Tips for Staying True to Yourself by Victoria Shaw #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TrueToYourself

Being true to yourself is about embracing your own energy and uniqueness in every way possible.

It is about allowing your light to shine brightly in the sea of others, knowing that you never need to dull your sparkle for anyone else, nor worrying about what other others are doing. Staying true to yourself is about living, fully and completely in your joy, honoring yourself, and being authentic. It also means living in your own light, and recognizing that you are powerful, beautiful and inescapably unique.

Here are 10 tips for Staying True to Yourself:

  1. Honor your needs and desires.

So many of us have been taught to believe that our needs and wants are, at best, secondary to others and, at worst, completely irrelevant. Do not deny your true feelings. Start small and know that it is okay to identify a desire, even if you are not yet ready or able to act on it. Just get into the habit of listening to yourself and you will be surprised at how you will naturally blossom.

  1. Set clear and appropriate boundaries.

Do not allow others to dull your sparkle. Stand up for yourself and set clear boundaries with those people who may try to take advantage and/or cause you to feel like you are less than enough. Recognize that a difference of perspective or opinion does not mean that someone must be wrong. You are in charge of your own personal and energetic space. Saying “no” is a complete sentence. There is no need to justify yourself for honoring your own needs in a relationship, and failure to do so rarely serves the greatest good.

  1. Know and love your shadow side.

No one person is all good or all bad. Everyone has a shadow side; those parts of your personality that you are not especially proud of and would like to pretend do not exist. The more we cut off from these less desired parts of our personalities, the harder it is to connect with our authentic selves. By shining a loving light on all parts of ourselves, we can accept who we are and pave the way for positive transformation.

  1. Avoid comparison.

A comparison can only serve one of two purposes. It makes us feel better about ourselves by searching for favorable comparisons to other or it makes us feel worse by seeking out unfavorable ones. Either way, we lose because comparison puts our attention on others, rather than looking inside and really knowing and loving ourselves. We are all unique beings with our own strengths, weaknesses and life paths. The more we can embrace the beauty of who we are, the easier it is to bask in our own self-created sunshine.

  1. Release judgment.

It is our human nature to judge and our divine nature to learn to transcend this judgment. The more we judge ourselves and others, the more we separate from our true, divine essence. Judgment can enter our lives in many different guises so it is important to be mindful and discerning. It can be helpful to reframe our judgments in terms of our own wants and needs. For instance, rather than judging someone for being rude, you can tune into your desire that he or she had treated you with more care and kindness.

  1. Honor your intuition.

Intuition is that inner knowing that helps you stay in tune with your highest self and your personal and spiritual path. Intuition is far more powerful than logic and can guide all aspects of your life. Intuition helps to identify your deepest wants and needs, it helps you connect with your inner wisdom, and to make choices and decisions in life that are most rewarding and life-affirming.

  1. Follow your joy.

One of the best ways to honor yourself is to spend some time each day doing things that bring you joy. The energy of joy helps to tap into your deepest desires and to connect with your highest selves. These joys can be big or small. Anything that uplifts you, even a little bit, counts.

  1. Spend some time in your own vibration.

As spiritual beings in physical bodies, we each have a unique energetic vibration that is ours and ours alone. Spending too much time with others and/or focusing on problems in the external world that we co-create can muddy our energetic waters. Contemplative practices like meditation can help to clear your mind and your energy. You might also benefit from spending time in natural environments, getting some exercise, doing things that bring you joy, and just spending quality time on your own.

  1. Recognize your unique contribution.

Know that you enrich the world just by being yourself. No one else can bring the unique gifts to the world that you can nor can you shine at your brightest by trying to be more like someone else. We each come into this world with our own unique perspective and gifts to share. There is nothing you need to do and no one you need to be other than yourself.

  1. Love yourself.

Many of us have been taught that self-love and self-respect are selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who do not fully love themselves tend to act selfishly because they mistakenly believe that others are holding the key to their happiness.

By honoring yourself in the truest, highest way, you are automatically honoring others and the greater, divine plan of which we all are a part of.

May you implement these tips in your own life and embrace staying true to yourself!

– Victoria

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