10 Ways to Start Thriving Today

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Self-Care Is Not Selfish, It’s Essential: 10 Ways to Start Thriving Today

To me, self-care is a way of living your life that protects and prioritizes your precious life force and causes it to flourish, expand and thrive.  We must value ourselves enough to give ourselves this essential gift; this gift of self-care. 

Just as you maintain your home, vehicle, finances and other important commodities, caring for yourself is essential.  Self-care requires effort and planning; it doesn’t just happen by itself. 

Self-care is not selfish; it is essential.  It is a way to honor the precious gift of you.  It not only benefits you, it benefits all those with whom you come in contact.  It is a wonderful way to show others how to care for, value and thrive as themselves also. 

Self-care is more than just an occasional bubble bath, although a bubble bath can be a wonderful way to care for your precious self. 

Here Is A List of 10 Ways to Start Thriving Today:

  1. Get Out in Nature

This is an easy way to shift our perspective quickly.  Being out in nature even for short periods of time is so therapeutic.  If you can’t get outside due to inclement weather, you can visit a flower shop, nursery, garden center, or even view images of nature scenes on your computer to tide you over until you can get outdoors. 

  1. Examine Ways to Do Less of What Drains You and More of What Fills You Up

Make a list of two columns and title one “What do I need more of?”  Title the second column, “What do I need less of?”  Spend some time in quiet contemplation and list 3-5 things in each column.  Work on eliminating and implementing the easiest things first; you can do it!

  1. Practice Saying No or I’m Unable To

This is difficult for me and something I need to practice.  It is said, “No is a complete sentence.”  We don’t need to explain or rationalize to another.  My friend Becky taught me this, “I’m unable to ________”, (fill in the blank with no excuses or justifications necessary), as a great response.  Give it a try. 

  1. Calendar Time for Yourself

You have all your important commitments on your calendar, but what could be more important than you, precious one?  Today, plan to spend some time doing what you desire for self-care and prioritize yourself. 

  1. Stop Criticizing and Embrace Gratitude

Being critical or participating in toxic drama can be very addicting and so draining of your precious life force.  If we spend our time being critical, we receive more to complain about through the Law of Attraction.  Focus on what you do want in life.  Focus on you; you are the only one that you can change.  Start by claiming an hour where you will not be critical to yourself or anyone else.  If you forget, start over.  Be gentle with yourself.  If you can do it for an hour, try another hour; try all afternoon, try all day.  See how wonderful that feels.  A simple way to embrace gratitude is to think of, or write down, three things for which you are grateful and why.  Review your list again at the end of the day.  It is impossible to criticize when you are counting your blessings.

  1. Find Things to Delight You

Write a list of things that you love to do.  If you can’t think of many, think back on your childhood and what delighted you then.  Do some of those things on your list. 

  1. Review Your Commitments

Are you doing things you are passionate about?  Are you doing the right things?  These questions require some self-reflection. 

  1. Enjoy Moderation

Are you doing too much?  Eating, drinking, spending too much?  Today, slow down and mindfully move forward with moderation as a focal point. 

  1. Spend Time with People that Lift You Up

People that lift your spirits are such gifts to us.  You know those friends or family members that leave you feeling better than before just from being with them?  Fill up your tank today by scheduling some time together. 

  1. Treat Yourself as a Beloved

You truly are a beloved child of The Divine.  Your life matters.  You are never alone.  We each have at least two guardian angels who are with us our entire lives.  They have loved you since before your birth.  They are with you even if you don’t believe in their existence or if you are uncertain. 

My friend and I, as Well-Being and Wonder, are hosting two Self-Care retreats in California this winter.  We’d love to have you join us, we would be “Tickled Pink.”

Our mission is Living Life Better through peace, love, joy, and ease.



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