10 Words to Eliminate Immediately

10 Words to Eliminate Immediately by Lisa Lundgren #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WordsToEliminate

10 Words to Eliminate Immediately by Lisa Lundgren #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WordsToEliminate

When it comes to keeping ourselves in a higher vibration, and in return, allowing all the good we want in life to come to us, there are certain words to eliminate from our vocabulary immediately.

These are low-frequency words that don’t do us any good. In fact, they keep our vibrations in a low frequency which brings us only people/places/things/events that match that low frequency.

Not a believer that words have frequencies? Sit in a quiet room and say these words along with high-frequency words, and feel the difference in your body/feelings.

Here is my list of the 10 most important words to eliminate immediately:

  1. “I hate”

Hate is such a strong and negative word and it possesses 100% negative energy. To me, this is the TOP word to eliminate. You can dislike something or someone, but HATE is never acceptable and never a benefit to anyone.

  1. “I Can’t”

Another low-frequency word that does nothing but creates limits for you and others.

  1. “I’m afraid that …,” “I’m scared that …,” “I fear that …”

All three of those phrases are basically the same and each of them brings the same fearful vibe into your life. The only thing that thinking fearful thoughts will bring you is more reasons to be fearful. Remove these phrases from your vocabulary.

  1. “Hopeless”

I think just reading that word is explanation enough as to why it needs to go!

  1. “I’m Broke”

Eeek! Even writing that felt yucky!

  1. “I’m too…”

I’m too, followed by anything negative, must immediately be extinguished.

  1. “If only”

This word opens you up to regret and is setting a condition upon which circumstances “Could be” different “If only.” Nope! Let the “if only’s” go.

  1. “Useless”

Self-explanatory. Eradicate it.

  1. “Ugly”

Everything has beauty. This is not a positive word and saying this word serves no useful purpose.

  1. “Boring”

We live in a vast universe and we are the creators of our reality. There is never a reason to be bored; Life is an exciting adventure.

Those are my top 10 words to eliminate, and starting today, I hope you will try to for at least a week. You will see how much better you feel about yourself and life in general. It’s amazing how often we actually use these words until we make a conscious effort not to.

Once we become aware of the words we think, say, and how they affect us and our lives, it only makes sense to add more positive, uplifting words of Peace, Love, and Happiness.

Let’s bring ourselves the happy, wonderful life we all want, deserve, and were born to have!

– Lisa

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