11 Tips for Natural Immune Boosting

11 Tips for Natural Immune Boosting by Dr. Swan A. Montague #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ImmuneBoosting

11 Tips for Natural Immune Boosting by Dr. Swan A. Montague #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ImmuneBoosting

11 Tips for Natural Immune Boosting for Winter and Spring –

Winter is a time when energy is contracted, the earth is withdrawing into itself to rest, and many animals are hibernating.

Historically, people stayed home, kept warm, and spent their time on more reflective tasks like mending with space to be much more with themselves. In our post-industrial revolution societies, this valuable space to be with oneself, to follow the rhythm of the earth, pulling in much more to one’s inner world, is a great loss and quite detrimental. Because being in rhythm with the earth is so crucial to our wellbeing, if we are caught up in a world of busyness and ‘doing’, we are perforce out of balance with nature.

Of course, people have jobs and commitments these days that are perennial and ‘busyness’ seems almost unavoidable, time for oneself scarce, and the ensuing stress can have us act in ways that are not in the best interests of self-care. Paradoxically, that is when and why self-care is even more vital. In the face of so much going on in our worlds, and so much acceleration, there needs to be a slowing-down, harnessing, and pacing of our energy.

I want to stress, at the risk of stating the obvious, that we are sentient beings, and this sentience means we are sensitive to others.

Furthermore, we are electromagnetic circuits of light, magnetic to others, and we are even more profoundly, but invisibly, connected to others through our soul history, past lives, karma, and ancestors. We are energy and our energy does not, cannot, exist in a vacuum.

Humans are not the only energy on the planet, there are many kinds of largely imperceptible energies floating around everywhere, in urban environments, nature, and our homes, even via electronic communications. Any kind of invisible thread of energy connection can suddenly be triggered, whilst we sleep, talk on the phone, and especially through television, depending upon what is happening on multiple levels of our consciousness and of those we know or don’t know are connected to us.

In winter, when the hours of daylight are shorter, spirits and astral beings hang around more in the ethers.

Ask a traditional Chinese person. They will not go out into dark places at night and are superstitious of all energies after dark, for good reason. Most do not know that a lot of diseases are spread energetically. I actually wrote my Ph.D. thesis on The Spirit of Disease. Disease, or dis-ease, is spirit energy: unbalanced spirit energy. Always, categorically, unequivocally! Every time I have gotten sick in winter, I have literally felt an unpleasant spirit settle in around me and seep in. I was not cautious enough or I was vulnerable emotionally, energetically.

When you get sick, there is always an emotional, mental, or spiritual entry point.

So, whilst I put my three emotional/spiritual/metaphysical tips last because I know most of you are looking for practical steps, please seriously contemplate this information and look at these three things as the fundamental, core keys. Nothing happens in the physical that does not derive from the emotional, mental, and spiritual. Not a thing. It is not possible. The physical is the last bastion of consciousness and it is the unconscious that creates everything in our reality by creating outside of itself in order to be recognized, healed, and released.

Pay attention to the spiritual, mental, emotional, and the energetics, and you will not only enhance your wellbeing on all levels, navigate dis-ease with greater ease, but master your entire life and reality in ways that will amaze you.

Here Are 11 Tips for Natural Immune Boosting:

  1. Coconut Oil with Oregano Oil –

This mixture has amazing healing properties, and oregano oil is a strong antiseptic. Take half a dessert spoon of virgin coconut oil to which you add a drop of oregano oil. Hold it over kettle steam to melt, pour into your mouth and swirl it around for about 10-15 minutes. DO NOT SWALLOW! The oil pulls bacteria, mucus, impurities etc. out of your mouth, gums, teeth, digestive tract, and throat. Spit into a tissue and discard.

  1. Nimbu Pani –

(Place in a flask and top up with hot water. Drink throughout the day.)

  • Juice of half lemon.
  • 1 tablespoon honey.
  • 1 tablespoon raw ginger
  • 2 teaspoons salt.
  • Half liter green tea.
  1. Turmeric Tea –

One teaspoon of fresh turmeric root or powdered turmeric to a teacup of boiling water. It calms the body, organs, and mind, and also helps maintain balance and wellbeing.

  1. Homeopathic Patches –

A brand-new stem cell technology in the form of a homeopathic patch has incredible effects on the body.

  1. Little Yellow Pill –

A Mega Energy boosting all-natural activator (not a supplement) that is proven to combat oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days and revs up the manufacture of good enzymes in our bodies. It is cutting-edge nutrition that affects your genes, rocket fuel for the body.

  1. Andrographis –

One of medicine’s best-kept secrets. A natural potent antibiotic with no detrimental side effects, it is a Godsend.

  1. Frankincense Oil –

Cleanses inwardly and outwardly. Use in oil burners, drink a drop of it in a cup of hot water, or simply inhale it direct.

  1. Alkalize with Raw Green Drinks –

Alkalizing your body is great immune support and super energizing.

  1. Astral Hygiene –

Cleanse chakras, aura, homes, car, and spaces! Energy is magnetic, as important as showering!

  1. Emotional Intelligence –

Our emotional state attracts experiences. Sickness and dis-ease is always an emotional detox. Keeping in touch with what is running in your emotional body field is key. Getting ahead of emotional healing helps prevent disease. (Karma and Past life healing are an integral part of this).

  1. Reduce Wi-Fi Exposure –

Wi-Fi fries the aura, energy body fields, and brain. Avoid carrying phones on your body, use headphones with the phone placed as far from the body as possible, and turn off Wi-Fi at night.

Do you have any natural tips for immune boosting that did not get mentioned above? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

– Dr. Swan A. Montague

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