11:11 New Moon Gateway

New Moon Gateway 1111 By Heather Lang & Mitchell Osborn #WUVIP #Intention #RemoveFear #Gateway #Energy #Release Spirituality #NewBeginnings #Shift #Scorpio

“The New Moon and the sign of Scorpio are all working in conjunction to deliver each of us significant energy to unmask our absolute authenticity.”

We have an exceptionally powerful gateway on November 11, 2015, with the added energies of a new moon. This day brings an incredible opportunity for new beginnings and to amplify our intuition and release fears to reveal and live in our authentic soul mission, further helping many others do the same, living as One in Unity.

This new moon falls on the 11th day of the 11th month. Number 11 is a master number. Master numbers help teach us how to master our lives. This master number is highly vibrational offering downloads of light and psychic energy. It provides us higher intuition & spiritual insights and activates supernatural abilities, empathy and innate wisdom. Therefore, the lessons are about increasing, listening to and using your intuition to guide your life. The power of 11:11 enhances, heightens and strengthens these downloads, providing us an incredible day to accept and integrate them into our beings.

11:11 is also understood in many circles to be symbolic of an awakening. It is like a call to consciousness, drawing our awareness back to our Divine spiritual nature, helping in ascension & enlightenment. It can direct us into a deeper connection to our own Divine soul missions, using our unique passions, gifts & talents to fulfill our individual soul purposes.

Coupled with the 11:11 vibrational energy is the energy of a new moon. New moons are always about new beginnings and the best time to state intentions to manifest in life what we truly desire. The number one also represents new beginnings, and a string of 4 ones magnifies this energy.

This month’s new moon is in Scorpio creating an even more profound gateway. Scorpio is an incredibly intuitive and psychic sign, helping to release fears and connect with the deepest emotions and desires in our heart. This sign teaches us to remove limitations and work through obstacles, lightening our paths, and increasing our psychic gifts.

What an incredible trifecta of energy to this day! 11:11, the New Moon and the sign of Scorpio are all working in conjunction to deliver each of us significant energy to unmask our absolute authenticity. The energy helps us release our fears, some of which may stem from our ancestry and past lives. This energy asks that we release the fear to reveal to others our true nature as healers, psychics, light workers, and more. The fear is rooted within us from being persecuted for these marvelous gifts in many former lives. It asks to release the illusion of duality and the associated fears of lack and greed, which have been embedded from generation to generation. Therefore, we are given the power to not only release our fears but those from our entire ancestral lineage and former lives!

The Intuitive Messenger Mitchell Osborn explains the New Moon Gateway 11:11

This beautiful trio of energies furnishes us with the ability to connect with and strengthen our intuitive abilities, allowing us to go deeply within our souls to obtain the wisdom and answers we seek. We can then follow our own inner guidance to live the life our souls have agreed to in this lifetime. As we assimilate the energy, we will perceive differently through our intuitive abilities. This is a tremendous gift to help us. This gateway is the perfect time to listen and act upon our internal guidance system, our intuition. Now is the time to express your true nature as a healer, psychic, medium or other intuitive, while encouraging others to do the same.

Take full advantage of this magical day to receive and assimilate these energies by doing something special and unique just for you. You may wish to rest and receive the energies for rejuvenation, regeneration and revitalization. Perhaps you prefer to create a personal ceremony of intentions for manifestation. Or you may decide to sit and strengthen your intuition, listening for guidance on your next steps. Whatever you choose to do, do it with openness and acceptance, allowing your intuition to provide the answers you seek which are best for you today, and all the days to come.


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